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ASTPP Enterprise 6.0

ASTPP Enterprise 6.0

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What’s New in ASTPP Enterprise 6.0 Webinar

Date: Jul 7, 2022
Time: 07:00 PM IST (GMT + 5:30)

ASTPP has been catering to thousands of businesses worldwide with its amazing features and add-ons. Along with the community edition of this smart telephony platform, the enterprise edition has also gained a lot of popularity. Taking it as our responsibility to add more and more important features to this popular smart VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH, we constantly come up with new version releases for ASTPP users.

This time, we have launched the ASTPP enterprise 6.0 beta version. As the name suggests, it is the version release for enterprise edition users and it has some amazing and never seen before features and add-ons. It is quality assured by our team of expert software testers and QA engineers and now businesses like ITSPs, wholesale providers, etc. are exploring the amazing features of ASTPP enterprise 6.0.

Similar to every time, we have released changelogs and other details to provide the required information about this new version release. But, to give a closer look at the latest version of the ASTPP enterprise solution, we have come up with our next webinar.

The webinar will be conducted by Harsh Patel and Alpesh Kaklottar on 7th July at 7 PM IST.

Harsh is the technical lead and Alpesh is the QA lead in the official ASTPP team. They will give a sneak peek at ASTPP version 6.0 with some screen sharing bites to give a more detailed look at this latest and powerful version of ASTPP.

Topics to Be Covered in the Webinar:

  • Market Research: How new features were defined based on the research data?
  • Collaborations: How do multiple entities collaborate to define the roadmap of the ASTPP
    enterprise 6.0 version?
  • Churning Ideas: How did we define milestones to build the most viable version of ASTPP
    enterprise 6.0?
  • Future Plans: What can you expect in the future for ASTPP enterprise users?
  • New Features in ASTPP enterprise 6.0: A sneak peek and demo of major features
  • Enhancements in ASTPP enterprise 6.0: A sneak peek at major enhancements
  • Add-on Improvements: A sneak peek at major enhancements in add-ons
  • New Add-ons: A sneak peek at new add-ons with a walkthrough
  • Live Q&A round

Key take away from this webinar:

  • A better understanding of ASTPP enterprise 6.0 version
  • Learning the major features and enhancements in the latest version
  • Learning major add-ons added to ASTPP enterprise 6.0
  • Exploring how ASTPP experts define features and add-ons for the new version
  • Exploring behind the scenes of the development of the latest version of this smart telephony platform
  • And many more


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