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Getting Started with SIP Trunking

  • September 26, 2022

SIP trunking can be a great way to move your business from traditional telephony or PBX solutions to digitized communication solutions. It simplifies business communication optimization and provides multiple other advantages. In this blog post, we will explore more about SIP trunking software  and how it can benefit your business.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP is an abbreviation for Session Initiation Protocol. It indicates a method of carrying out communication via internet lines instead of physical phone lines. Trunking means a trunk that connects multiple SIP calling users in a telecommunication network.

A SIP trunking solution will either replace the MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) or Ethernet network with an internet based network or it will connect internet lines by provisioning it’s infrastructure with the TDM lines to connect SIP and PSTN based calling mechanisms to meet business communication needs flawlessly.

A SIP trunking system can manage more than just voice calling. It supports transmission of unified communication over SIP trunks. Moreover, it has multiple advantages to offer. 

How Does SIP Trunking Software Work?

The VoIP service provider will connect your existing PSTN or PBX solution with a SIP based communication system. The SIP trunking solution can support multiple calls per second on a single communication or phone line using its multifaceted features.

Here is how it works in a stepwise manner:

  • SIP server and IP or PSTN gateway will be interconnected. 
  • SIP trunk will work as an intermediary solution between an internet telephone service provider and your phone system of a company.
  • For each call, the SIP trunking system will route the calls to data aka internet lines instead of routing them via copper lines of a PSTN network.

Components of a SIP Trunk Solution

The complete architecture of this system can have the components as below:

  • SIP server
  • PSTN/ IP gateway
  • Enterprise border controller
  • Enterprise SIP server
  • Mobile SIP dialer/ PC dialer.
  • IP PBX solution
  • SIP endpoints
  • PSTN lines
  • Landline or cell phone 

What are the Major Advantages of SIP Trunking Software?

 Several businesses have already adopted SIP trunking over traditional PBX or PSTN lines, but if you are still wondering whether it is worth an investment or not, then here are the top benefits of using this software.

1. Simplifies Business Telecommunication Infrastructure

One of the major advantages of using a SIP based communication network is simplification of the telecommunication infrastructure. Unlike TDM setup, the SIP infrastructure is minimal. It does not have bulky switches, hardware, copper cables, etc. Instead of that, the SIP system uses the best communication tools that are available in the form of software such as a multi tenant IP PBX system, fax server solution, mobile SIP dialer, PC dialer, etc. It uses the existing internet lines to connect IP phones and other trunking infrastructure. If a business uses, clout setup or a SIP trunking solution, then physical space and setup of servers can also be removed to further simplify infrastructure.

2. Simplified Telecommunication Management

As the hardware and infrastructural elements are reduced due to SIP trunking mechanism, the management of this software can be simplified as well. Adding a new extension or new line is quite easy as everything is managed via a software system, called, SIP trunking solution. Thus, management of the whole business communication system becomes seamless.

3. Better Connectivity

One of the major advantages of SIP trunking software is that it can provide better connectivity to the users. For example, if a manager is in a business meeting and cannot take client calls, all calls can be forwarded to the divisional or customer care manager. Another example is even if a business executive is not in the office; all calls coming to his or her desk can be forwarded to him using the feature of SIP trunking. This provides better connectivity for customer care, sales lead handling, and even internal collaboration.

4. Save Money

SIP trunks are cheaper than copper wires and PSTN based telecommunication setup. Thus, setup and maintenance cost gets reduced drastically. Moreover, the service providers charge businesses based on per user or per extension. Also, SIP calling is cheaper as it carries out calls via internet lines. This makes communication more affordable compared to PSTN based telephony.

5. Excellent Communication Features

The SIP trunking software solutions offer advanced business phone systems like an IP PBX solution. It means the users of this software will have more advanced communication features such as:

  • Automatic failover routing
  • Quality codec support
  • Nomadic E911 support
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • Call forwarding to SIP or PSTN number
  • CNAM (Caller ID)
  • Local inbound calling for free
  • Number portability
  • HD video quality
  • Web based phone system management
  • Integration with mobile SIP dialer
  • Detailed call reports
  • And more

6. Scalability

Another great advantage of a SIP trunking system is high scalability. It is easy to add a SIP line into the system without making major changes at the hardware side. If your business grows exponentially, your service provider will handle the aspects related to scaling up your telecommunication infrastructure based on SIP by adding more trunks and extensions.

7. Unified Network

Unlike VoIP, which only traverses voice packets, SIP can traverse all types of media across the network. Thus, your business can use unified communication. Moreover, SIP trunking solutions help in managing direct routing, extensions, SIP components, etc. within a single network to make it easier to manage.

Concluding Notes

Making a switch from an existing PBX or PSTN network to a SIP trunking software solution is quite easy with the right provider. Our technical team can help you make this transition seamless and undemanding for you. Our SIP trunking solution will meet your business needs and help you leverage other advantages related to SIP calling. To learn more about our services and solutions, contact us.