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Channel Partnership of a Software Telecom Company: What to Keep in Mind

  • September 28, 2022

Becoming a channel partner is a crucial decision for you because you are going to put your sweat and blood. Of course, the right channel partnership with the best software telecom company pays off really well for that. But, becoming a reseller or partner of the wrong company will give you nothing more than peanuts for your efforts and will leave you exhausted. Thus, whether you want to partner with a smart telephony platform provider company or a VoIP development company, it is necessary to make a well thought decision. 

Defining channel partnership

Before we indulge in this serious, but interesting topic, let’s first understand the real meaning of a channel partner. 

There are three major types of partnership: 

  1. Strategic 
  2. Technology and  
  3. Channel 

A channel partner can be a partner of a software telephony solution provider company that resells the products of that company with its own sales and technical skills. It can either fulfill one part of a product selling cycles such as lead generation or takes care of everything from lead generation to sales, business development, post-sales technical support, customer care, and customer relationship management, lead nurturing and more. 

A channel partner can use his or her skills to sell one or more products offered by the main company. For example, ASTPP offers alluring channel partnership programs. It has an array of VoIP telephony solutions to offer such as: 

  • SIP trunking solution
  • Class 4 Softswitch
  • Class 5 Softswitch
  • Faxing solution
  • Calling card system
  • DID number management solution
  • And more 

A channel partner can choose to resell all of these solutions or some of these depending on the interest. Usually, companies don’t put any restrictions on reselling for channel partners. 

Top reasons to become a channel partner of a software telecom company: 

Why Choose ASTPP as Your Software Telecom Partner

There are multiple perks of becoming a channel partner. In regards to becoming a partner of a software telephony company or a VoIP development company, here are the top reasons or benefits associated with it: 

  • Low cost launch

VoIP software development is an expensive process. The companies invest various resources from frontend developers to web developers, VoIP developers, etc. to develop the best telephony products. For a channel partner, this whole process, time for development, and even the cost associated with it is bypassed. In fact, a channel partner does not need to worry about technical aspects until and unless he also decides to take care of support. 

Thus, when you want to launch your business, you can without worrying about the cost and other hassle related to building a software telephony product like a class 4 Softswitch or a multi tenant IP PBX solution, which can be expensive.  

  • Ample opportunities 

Unlike web and mobile app development projects where there are so many competitors, the VoIP market is still wide open. There are so many opportunities if you have a smart telephony platform to offer or the best VoIP software like a class 5 Softswitch solution to offer. The demand for VoIP telephony products and services is increasing rapidly. Thus, becoming a channel partner will help you grow rapidly. 

  • Continuous growth

The demand for IP telephony solutions is here to stay and grow and it will benefit you. You will not only able to grow your revenue models, but also your business model. 

What to keep in mind to become a channel partner of a software telecom company? 

  • Choose a trusted partner

As mentioned earlier, you are going to put efforts, dreams, resources, and more to grow and your growth will also define the growth of the company you have partnered with. As there are many companies offering the same products like a SIP trunking solution, calling card system,DID number management solution, mobile SIP dialer app, etc., it becomes difficult to choose the right partner. Often, channel partners get lured by the revenue share percentage. But, what is even more important to look for is how trustworthy is the provider.  

For example, ASTPP is the #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH and it offers different VoIP solutions as part of the enterprise edition. This type of company has a long journey covered and a long journey to cover. This type of company is also conscious of its policies, which make them more reliable to be a partner with.  

  • Define revenue model

Usually, there is a percentage share model for channel partners, but there are some companies that offer different revenue models. You can choose the one based on your skills and interest. For example, instead of revenue percentage share, you can also choose a fixed cost per sale or profit making over revenue. 

  • Define clauses 

Channel partnership is a critical partnership model for both parties and therefore, other than NDA, there will be some clauses that you must be aware of. Discuss with your software telephony company about these clauses, exit clauses, fees or penalties if there are any. Define the payment cycle and minimum amount clause, if there are any. 

  • Get everything documented and signed

Keeping things legally documented is necessary for this kind of partnership program. Even if you are just going to resell a fax server solution or a mobile SIP dialer solution, it is necessary to have it documented and signed by both parties in your interest. 

Concluding notes 

Channel partnership is a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs, consultants, sales experts, business owners, etc., without getting involved in a process of building a whole telephony platform, by partnering with a software telecom company, one can start generating revenue. 

To benefit from this model, remember the points in this article and use channel partnership effectively. If you are interested in exploring the channel partnership model of ASTPP which is renowned for its #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH and smart telephony platform, you can get in touch with us.