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How Can Team ASTPP Help with AWS and Google Cloud Platform Setup

  • December 23, 2022

VoIP solutions are used by end users and individual businesses to meet their communication needs. However, originally, telecom networks and ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) invented these solutions to meet their business needs. ASTPP is the smart telephony platform that can be used by individual businesses and users, as well as, by ITSPs and any scaled VoIP business owners and service providers. To use this platform to offer services to the end users, businesses use this software by hosting it on different platforms. Recently, the topic of hosting ASTPP with AWS and/ or hosting ASTPP with Google Cloud Platform is buzzing. To give you more details about it, we are here with this insightful blog post. 

What is ASTPP for providers? 

ASTPP for Providers

It is regarded as a smart telephony solution that has an array of VoIP solutions and functionalities to offer. From a SIP trunking solution to a fax server solution, ported number solution, DID number management system, calling card solution, multi tenant IP PBX system, VoIP billing software, switch monitoring solution, fraud detection and management system, and many more huge VoIP solutions are available as add-ons or core system of ASTPP. It’s a multilingual solution supporting languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, Greek, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese, Romanian, and more.

A majority of service providers use ASTPP as a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. That means using this platform they offer services with a hosted model to their clients. They may also have their own reseller network to meet the market needs and expand the business rapidly. 

Streamline Your Cloud Migration with ASTPP’s AWS and GCP Expertise.

For a successful SaaS business, service providers require a reliable software setup. To improve uptime SLA and run a business effectively, defining the right architecture and hosting model is crucial. The role of a reliable architecture in running any SaaS business is as crucial as the quality of the software. Thus, it is necessary to focus on defining reliable architecture and setup models of ASTPP. 

Traditionally, companies used to set up and install all software solutions, including ASTPP, on dedicated on-site servers. However, cloud computing has changed the way businesses used to use software and host them. Along with cost, there are several other advantages of cloud hosting, which is why cloud hosting has become popular. 

What is cloud hosting? 

Cloud Hosting

It is a type of shared resource architecture, which keeps data storage and computing resources available on demand. The huge resource provider keeps all computing resources available in quantity to provide a highly scalable hosting option to businesses. Moreover, it would have multiple data centers distributed across the globe to benefit businesses choosing their preferred location to host their software, which can be a smart telephony solution or just a fax server solution or even a simple website. 

Cloud hosting benefits SaaS businesses with robustness, reliability, security, scalability, and more. AWS and Google Cloud are two major and popular cloud hosting service providers. Thus, hosting ASTPP with Google Cloud Platform and AWS is quite popular these days. 

How can team ASTPP help in hosting ASTPP with AWS or GCP? 

ASTPP team has been offering on-demand ASTPP support, ASTPP consultancy, ASTPP deployment, and similar services to host this platform on any popular or local cloud hosting platform. 

ASTPP Experts To Help in Hosting ASTPP with AWS or GCP

There are multiple services covered by ASTPP experts to meet the needs of hosting this platform on Google Cloud Platform or AWS. Some of them are listed hereunder: 

  • We, team ASTPP, help you design the architecture of setting up this platform over GCP or AWS. In fact, we can also help you choose the right platform for your business depending on various factors with our ASTPP consultancy services. We can assist in defining various setup aspects to meet customer demands, budget, and other factors.
  • We provide the setup of this smart telephony platform over GCP or AWS with a single server or multiple server instances. We can also help you set up the software with a cross geography deployment model. 
  • We help you set up and use the inbuilt database offered by these cloud hosting platforms. We’ll set up and configure S3 Bucket in AWS or Google Storage in GCP. A perfect solution for ITSPs and VoIP providers using cloud platform storage. We also provide configuration of any other database other than inbuilt, platform specific databases. 
  • If one data center fails, another replication at a different center ensures uninterrupted client service. If one data center fails, another replication in a different center ensures uninterrupted client service. We also provide cross geography failover services. That means we can switch the operations from one geo-location to another in case of failures. 
  • ASTPP team also has expertise in building a completely dynamic master-master replication model for data redundancy to offer an HA system with cluster setup on Google Cloud Platform or AWS. Our team can create a cluster of different components in an assorted way to meet your completely custom requirements for ASTPP deployment.

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, any type of static or dynamic need related to setting up ASTPP with Google Cloud Platform or ASTPP with AWS platform will be fulfilled by a highly experienced team of ASTPP experts. You may have some plans already in your head or you just have a system and market requirements, our team can serve you. Get a free consultation for maximizing returns and uptime SLA with AWS or GCP hosting for ASTPP. 

Let’s discuss more about how the ASTPP team can be at your rescue with their services. Initiate the discussion by getting in touch with us.