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FoIP (Fax over IP) Solution 

Eliminate the hassle of traditional faxing and enjoy
digitized faxing benefits with our FoIP software.

FoIP (Fax over IP) software is popular for removing anomalies and hindrances related to the conventional faxing mechanism. This software virtualizes (i.e. digitizes) the whole faxing mechanism with a software solution instead of using hardware. It does not need a phone number and phone lines with a bulky fax machine set up to meet business or individual faxing needs. All it needs is a VoIP based system as a fax over IP software uses internet protocol to send and receive faxes. 

It not only simplifies faxing operations for an organization, but it also enhances the user experience with its value added features that can never be imagined with a traditional system. From saving money to delighting your team with remote faxing facilities, our fax over IP solution has various advantages to offer. 

Implementation of this virtual faxing system is as easy as implementing any VoIP software. All you need to do is sit back and relax while our team deploys the system and trains your team to use all the amazing features of this FoIP software. 

Features of FoIP Software 

Intuitive Dashboards

Multiple Dashboards

Monitor different elements in real time of your FoIP software with multiple dashboards.

Get Alerts and Notification 

Get notifications on the success and failure of sent fax, plus, receipt of a new fax message. 

Fax Rating 

Track rating of fax, similar to call raring, as per the delegated rate group.

VoIP Call Forwarding

Multiple Approaches for Faxing

web to fax

Web to Fax 

Use a GUI based web app via any system or mobile browser to send and receive fax messages. Enjoy the facility to customize the fax headers and track rate status updates in real time. 

email to fax

Email to Fax 

Enjoy the ease of faxing similar to emailing with the configuration of fax email accounts for admin and resellers. Authenticate fax messages by the email address of the sender. 

fax to email

Fax to Email 

Send fax messages via a conventional fax machine and still receive them in email. Fax forwarding lets users receive fax messages on designated email addresses from purchased DID numbers. 

T.38 Protocol Support

Support Multiple File

Centralized Faxing Environment

Extensive Detail and Summary Reports

Extensive Detail and Summary Reports

Expand your business with addons

Help desk

Streamline managing technical support requests and track productivity with this system

fraud Detection

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Advantages of Fax over IP Solution

Quick to Start 

Easy and quick installation and deployment of the FoIP software. 

Cut Cost 

Eliminate the cost of the fax machine, stationery, and more to reduce expenses. 

Disaster Recovery 

Keep a backup of all sent and received fax messages to access anytime. 

Ease of Use 

GUI based features and flexibility of email features for faxing. 

Single Network 

Remove the need for an added phone line and the number just for faxing. 


Send faxes from anywhere, at any time without waiting in a physical queue. 

Why Choose ASTPP For FoIP (Fax over IP) Solution 

Fax over IP (FoIP) solution brings numerous benefits and advantages to companies, transforming their fax communication processes. Firstly, it eliminates the need for traditional fax machines and paper-based workflows, resulting in cost savings and increased operational efficiency. FoIP allows for seamless integration with existing communication systems, enabling businesses to consolidate their communication channels. Moreover, it offers enhanced security and confidentiality through encrypted transmission of fax documents. The solution also provides flexibility, allowing employees to send and receive faxes from any location with an internet connection. By leveraging FoIP, companies can streamline their fax communication, reduce costs, improve productivity, and embrace a more modern and efficient way of exchanging documents.


What Customers Say


It is a VoIP system that enables a virtual faxing mechanism. Using this software, businesses or individuals can send and receive fax machines to and from the FoIP software from and to the fax machine. As it sends fax messages over internet protocol, it is referred to as fax over IP software. This software offers way more features and benefits compared to traditional faxing means. 

Yes, virtual faxing complies with the regulation. Moreover, we also provide customization as per your requirements to match your country specific compliance, if required. 

The main reason to replace legacy fax machines with the best fax over IP software is the benefit of remote faxing features and the elimination of hardware, wiring, and stationery. Thus, there is no point to use the faxing machine with this software as it would override the features of the fax over IP solution. Moreover, it overcomes challenges caused by legacy faxing, thus, there is no mechanism to reuse the traditional system. 

Yes, you can. All our solutions are developed to benefit VoIP service providers and other providers to run their businesses and generate revenue. You can also add other systems using our add-ons, plus, a billing solution to offer manifold VoIP services along with faxing.  

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