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How Can Team ASTPP Help with Azure Setup?

  • December 9, 2022

ASTPP is regarded as the most flexible smart telephony platform. It is an umbrella solution, which offers amazing VoIP systems to accommodate all VoIP business needs. From a SIP trunking solution to VoIP calling card platform, DID number management software, FreeSWITCH multi tenant PBX solution, VoIP rating and routing Softswitch, and multiple added systems are made available to ASTPP users. The power of this platform does not stop with a fascinating list of features. ASTPP is built by expert VoIP developers. It is one of the most flexible, compatible, and scalable VoIP platforms in the industry. 

While we talk about VoIP solutions and platforms, we often consider various aspects along with the software features and performance capabilities. One of the important aspects is hosting the software. The trend of cloud hosting has been increasing for the past few years due to the advantages availed by the top cloud platforms. Some VoIP solutions like a multi tenant PBX solution or SIP trunking solution might not be compatible with all cloud hosting platforms. It may get installed only over some cloud platforms. However, ASTPP is flexible and compatible with all cloud hosting platforms, whether it is Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure. 

ASTPP team also provides ASTPP consulting services, as well as, ASTPP deployment, and other services for the Azure platform to help you leverage maximum performance and returns from this setup. 

The top services offered by team ASTPP for hosting this smart telephony platform on Azure are as below:

1. ASTPP setup

Azure offer two major types of hosting flavors as listed below: 

  1. Virtual machines and 
  2. Dedicated hosts 

Moreover, the setup of this platform can be on a single server or multiple servers. The team of ASTPP experts assists businesses to set up DID number management software or any other VoIP solution offered by ASTPP and a complete platform on a virtual machine or dedicated server. 

If a VoIP business handles a relatively small number of calls, then the team will perform deployment on a single server instance. The components of ASTPP will be interconnected. Moreover, they will be configured and set up on a single server to keep expenses low yet performance high. 

If a business handles more calls and needs an HA (High Availability) setup, the ASTPP deployment experts also provide that. This setup will have components of ASTPP on multiple servers to provide the required redundancy, load balancing, and HA services.

2. Database management

To manage cloud database services such as Azure Database for MySQL, the ASTPP experts will configure the database related components over single or multiple servers. This service is available for any provider such as AWS RDS to perform all data related processing.

3. Geo based failover and HA setup

ASTPP team can also provide load balancing, failover, and high availability setup of ASTPP on Azure based on geo location. Using the major services availed by Azure such as Azure domain and DNS management and the expertise of the ASTPP team, this is achieved. 

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, a team of ASTPP is ready to leverage services made available by Azure for platforms like ASTPP. You can maximize the benefits of ASTPP on Azure using the expert services offered by team ASTPP. You can opt for ASTPP consulting to ASTPP configuration or any other expert services for this smart telephony platform. To discuss more in detail, contact us.