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Multi Tenant IP PBX System: A Dependable Business Telephony Solution 

  • December 13, 2022

Business telephony solutions empowered by VoIP technologies are driving the communication of numerous businesses across the globe. This has given a wave to the business of VoIP service providers or business phone service providers. As technology expands and trends move, more businesses start using VoIP based communication solutions. To meet these increasing needs of business communication, VoIP providers have to use reliable tools. One of the most dependable business telephony solutions available to these providers and can be used by these providers is a multi tenant IP PBX system. 

An IP PBX system with multiple tenant support blends the technologies of voice and VoIP into it and presents a reliable and robust tool for business telephony. It also has several amazing features to offer along with VoIP based telephony systems, which makes it a preferred solution for enterprises. 

What makes a multi tenant IP PBX system a dependable telephony solution? 

We all are aware of the wide ranging advantages of using an IP PBX solution for a business. But, there are very few users that know the real advantages of using multi tenant IP PBX software in the telecommunication industry to run a business. 

Let’s explore the major elements and offerings that make it the best and most dependable telephony solution for businesses and providers that offer VoIP telephony solutions to businesses.

Multi Tenant IP PBX System A Dependable Business Telephony Solution 

1. Simplified management

For any provider, it is necessary to have infrastructure that is easy to manage. The hardware based PBX system or telecommunication system is quite difficult to manage. Unlike that, a multi tenant IP PBX solution is a web based solution. A majority of operations can be managed via web based applications such as DID number management, tenant account management, subscription management, and more. Even the feature or plan allocation to a specific tenant or reseller management can be done online with the web based system. This simplifies operations and makes it more manageable for business phone service providers to continue serving businesses with excellent services. They can also constantly expand and grow their business with ease and effectiveness. With mouse clicks, a business provider can manage everything, whether they handle 10 tenants or 100,000 tenants.

2. Swift business operations

Running a VoIP business is often complicated, but with the help of a feature rich multi tenant IP PBX system, it is quite easy and straightforward. Nowadays, these solutions provide advanced communication features incorporated into them by the best VoIP development company. Usually, the companies provide the software, its setup and configuration, deployment, training, documentation, and other required support to help business telephony service providers work more efficiently. The companies also offer technical support, so VoIP service providers keep all their focus on the business rather than technical aspects such as downtime, hack attacks, taking backups, etc. The technical support service provider will handle all of these.

In addition to that, automation has become part of almost all VoIP solutions and IP PBX solution is not an exception. It also consists of several automation features to ensure that all business operations for both users and providers of this system go seamless and streamlined.

3. Effective billing and invoicing

Managing multiple customers and providers makes billing and invoicing challenging. In VoIP businesses, providers offer multiple packages, subscriptions, rate cards, add-ons, and more. Calculating fees manually can be a real mess sometimes if you have several clients. 

To keep the tedium away from VoIP billing and invoicing for business telephony solution providers, the developers of an IP PBX system with multiple tenants integrate an automated and efficient VoIP billing solution. This billing system usually has an array of features that can automate invoicing and billing processes. It can effectively manage any number of tenants and any number of VoIP minutes or services. This software can automate the daunting task of billing and invoicing. This works as a real boon for providers that use this business telephony solution.

4. Cost effective solution

One of the major reasons small businesses to enterprises use IP PBX software is that it lowers telecommunication expenses along with offering several other advantages. This is true for the business service provider as well. The multi tenant PBX solution reduces expenses drastically down. As it has zero to minimum hardware, it does not require huge funds to manage and operate this software. After purchasing the license, users can use the software without any ongoing cost. Moreover, this software also offers a cost-effective maintenance. This helps providers to enjoy lucrative profit margins on their offerings using this software.

5. White labeling

In a service provider business, using a white label solution is quite vital. The multi tenant IP PBX software can be availed as a white label solution. Even the open source IP PBX solution with multi tenant support is available to reduce acquisition costs and enjoy white labeling features. A white label solution showcases providers’ brand elements, offering additional branding advantages to enjoy.

A white label solution builds a separate business brand without revealing the software provider’s name. This can help in bringing in more clients and more business. Thus, it is vital for businesses to use this software. 

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, there are several advantages of using the IP PBX software with multi tenant support to the telephony service provider. The software’s reliability creates a win-win for business phone service providers. Whether one uses a licensed or an open source IP PBX solution, stability at a certain level is ensured. Of course, the provider or development company can make a difference in how dependable this solution is. 

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