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How Is ASTPP Helping Sri Lanka in Economic Crisis?

  • May 5, 2022

ASTPP has been the #1 VoIP solution based on FreeSWITCH that has been benefiting several global businesses to kick-start their business and flourish. Once again, the ASTPP community is here, extending hands to help Sri Lankan businesses. 

We are all aware of the economic crisis that occurred in Sri Lanka and we, ASTPP, being one of the leading communities, are persistent to help businesses that need support to either start or grow their businesses. This offer is available for any business or individual based in Sri Lanka or any other Asian country that faces an economic crisis or needs a helping hand to start and thrive a business.

How will help businesses in Sri Lanka beat the economic crisis and thrive?

1. Offering the ASTPP community version for free with the required support

ASTPP is regarded as the #1 open source VoIP solution based on FreeSWITCH. More than 10,000 businesses are already using this open source smart telephony platform to run their business for free. Businesses or individuals in Sri Lanka can take advantage of using the community version along with its all add-ons. This can give a great start to their career as entrepreneurs. 

As ASTPP is a FreeSWITCH based solution, if the Sri Lankan businesses need any support, the most proactive open source community is here to provide the technical support. Moreover, a well-documented user manual, easy to understand video tutorials, intuitive webinars, informative blog posts, and multiple other resources are available to provide the required information to Sri Lankan businesses to get started and keep moving. In addition to that, the Sri Lankan businesses can take advantage of our support services. 

2. Providing possible help in all senses to launch and thrive a VoIP telephony business

ASTPP also has the most advanced and smart telephony platform, plus, services for VoIP businesses such as:

  • Consultation
  • Architecture design
  • VoIP development
  • Deployment 
  • Support 
  • And more

ASTPP’s official team will provide all the possible help and support to use the enterprise version of ASTPP or ASTPP services. With this platform, the Sri Lankan businesses can launch their business as VoIP service providers or ITSPs on the global market to capture the huge business potential to deal with the economic crisis everyone is facing in Sri Lanka.

3. Global exposure and remuneration

The community is also passionate to help VoIP professionals in Sri Lanka get international exposure. They can ask for professional help on the ASTPP community forum to get a chance of employment by one of the ASTPP users or supporters. On the other hand, ASTPP also gives credit with the name in the version release of the ASTPP community solution to the contributors, which gives global coverage to the developer. Moreover, we accept add-ons for ASTPP after discussing the concept to benefit ASTPP users. Based on that, we also provide remuneration for the enterprise or commercial add-ons built by the developers. This opportunity is available to Sri Lanka based VoIP developers, too.

This is our bit to help a country facing a huge economic crisis. We are happy to help any other business looking for support. Contact us to discuss your idea or comments. You can also contact us and share if you are willing to hire developers from the countries facing a situation of crisis to be a helping hand.

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