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How Is Softswitch Helping the Telecom Industry?

  • July 8, 2022

VoIP development companies have been empowering the SIP telephony industry with an array of communication and collaboration solutions. For different industries and business needs, these companies have diversified communication tools. The VoIP Softswitch solution is the backbone of the telecom industry. This VoIP solution has a major role in the internet telecom industry.

In this article, we will shed light on

How the Softswitch solution helps the telecom industry.

1. Complete the IP telephony ecosystem with wholesale and retail traffic monitoring

There are two types of proprietary and open-source Softswitch solutions made available by the leading VoIP Softswitch solution providers.

  1. Class 4 Softswitch solution
  2. Class 5 Softswitch solution

In this telecom industry, there are two major types of call traffic:

  1. Wholesale call traffic to handle bulk VoIP calls received from VoIP service providers or wholesale VoIP providers
  2. Retail call traffic to handle retail calling and communication needs of retail customers like businesses that use a multi-tenant IP PBX or local users that use calling card solutions, etc.

The class 4 Softswitch solution and class 5 Softswitch software handle both of these types of traffic for users to complete the telecom ecosystem.

2. Meet all major needs

The major advantage of these VoIP solutions is that they can meet all types of communication needs. From handling thousands of parallel calls per second for wholesale traffic to managing tens of calls for retail traffic; a VoIP Softswitch solution will meet all needs of businesses. In addition to that, the VoIP Softswitch solution providers constantly add new features and add-ons to the software. For example, real-time billing and hybrid call routing are two major features added in the class 4 Softswitch software by the top companies. On the other hand, for retail users, these companies have added whisper in multi-tenant IP PBX. More amazing features are getting invented and added to advance these platforms to enhance the telecom industry.

3. Highly scalable solution

Any third party or open-source Softswitch solutions are highly scalable. It can support scalability instantly if you are using a cloud-based solution. The software provider can help you scale up in the most hassle-free manner.

4. Excellent failover support

These VoIP solutions are deployed with HA (High Availability) clusters by the top VoIP software development companies. It provides excellent failover and recovery support with HA setup to ensure that in any condition the system is up and running with 99.95% of uptime SLA.

Concluding notes

Among multiple VoIP solutions, the Softswitch solutions have been fulfilling the complete telecom needs by providing a complete arc of services and solutions to different businesses. This solution has a major role to play and is empowering the telecom industry with its amazing features and robustness.

The businesses or service providers that use these solutions to run their business thrive rapidly as these solutions complete the telephony infrastructure in the internet telephony industry.

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