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How Can a Hosted PBX Solution Benefit Small Businesses?

  • July 15, 2022

The PBX system has been in use by businesses to take advantage of advanced telephony features at lower rates. In many cases, buying an IP PBX solution is an expensive affair and that is why businesses look for a cheaper option. The hosted PBX solution can be a great deal for small businesses or any company excited to use the features of this software and looking for affordable deals. One can, in fact, take advantage of this platform and use all features of a multi-tenant IP PBX solution.

What is a hosted PBX system?

It is a full-fledged multi tenant IP PBX or a PBX solution with a few selected features. This solution is made available as a hosted aka rental solution to businesses, so they can enjoy the benefits related to this advanced business phone system without worrying about the cost of installation, cloud setup, etc.

How does a hosted PBX solution benefit small businesses?

1. Give access to the best PBX system without investing in a license fee

Buying a multi tenant IP PBX solution can be an expensive affair for a small business and in many cases, they cannot afford it. The hosted model gives access to the cloud based solution and all the required features of a single tenant or multi tenant IP PBX software. 

Small businesses also don’t need to invest in FreeSWITCH development to develop this platform to use for their business. All they need to do is subscribe to this platform.

2. No hassle of maintenance or technical aspects

When you use a hosted model based IP PBX software solution, you do not need to take any stress about the technical aspects of the platform. It will be handled by the company providing this service. You also do not need to maintain the software or put technical staff to ensure high uptime SLA. Enjoy a seamless business communication experience.

3. Excellent scalability

The cloud based solutions give really high scalability to their users. The best multi tenant IP PBX system available with a hosted model also offers the same as the provider’s host this kind of telephony solution on the cloud platform to provide on-the-go services. Moreover, small businesses can scale up their platform within a day or two. Some hosted PBX providers also facilitate scaling down the capacity of the software once call volume reduces.

Concluding notes

To provide a better customer experience, small businesses need more advanced and reliable communication tools. They need to project a bigger and better business image and for that, they need excellent and reliable tools. The IP PBX software is one of the important tools for small businesses, but in many cases, it becomes unaffordable to buy one by a small business. The hosted provider resolves this issue and helps in enhancing business communication with cost benefits and access to advanced features.

This opens up the doors of revenue generation for service providers by acquiring a reliable multi tenant IP PBX system.

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