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How Can a Hosted PBX Solution Benefit Small Businesses?

  • July 15, 2022

VoIP based communication tools have become a necessity among all sized businesses. Certainly, small businesses are not left behind in this quest. Indeed, all businesses, including small businesses, are running in the race to make their mark in the highly competitive era. Undoubtedly, small businesses or similar companies cannot invest in buying an expensive business phone system. Moreover, they cannot hire a VoIP developer to build a custom telephony solution for them. Therefore, they must use a hosted IP PBX solution.

Definitely, businesses have been using a multi tenant IP PBX solution to take advantage of advanced telephony features at lower rates. These tools are crucial to increasing reach, connectivity, and engagement across business professionals and customers.

Nonetheless, in many cases, buying a multi tenant PBX platform or investing in custom multi tenant IP PBX development is an expensive affair. As a result, all businesses, especially small businesses, cannot afford it. Therefore, they look for a cheaper option.

In this kind of scenario, a hosted PBX solution is a great tool for small businesses, or any company excited to use the features of this software and looking for budget friendly options. To give you more insight on this interesting topic and cover how businesses can unlock the benefits of using a multi tenant IP PBX software without investing in license or development costs in this blog post.

1. Understanding a PBX Solution

Hosted PBX Solution

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. It serves as an internal telephone exchange that functions within a company or organization to provide telecommunication among business professionals. Traditionally, it was a hardware based system. However, as time and technology advances, the system provides more features and functionalities to build a more connected world for businesses.

Currently, a PBX system is available as a software application or a web based application. Moreover, it offers various communication features. For example, inbound and outbound calling, 3-way conference calling, call transfer, call forwarding, contact management, call recording, voicemail, and several other communication features are part of modern IP PBX solutions. Unlike traditional telephony lines, this solution does not rely upon any hardware component to establish calls. Rather, it uses internet lines and SIP technology for communication. As a result, cheaper communication is attainable with this VoIP based communication tool.

2. Brief introduction of a hosted PBX system

A hosted PBX is also referred to as a cloud or virtual PBX system. Ideally, it is a multi tenant IP PBX solution. Therefore, it can create multiple tenant accounts, which are sub accounts of the main admin account. Each tenant account can have different features. Furthermore, each tenant account can work independently of other business accounts and tenant accounts. Generally, this solution is hosted on cloud hosting platforms. Therefore, it is popularly known as a cloud PBX system.

Fundamentally, a cloud PBX operates as a digital phone system over the internet. Moreover, it provides reliable communication features that any multi tenant IP PBX software offers. For example, it proficiently manages incoming calls and routes them to the relevant department or individual extension.

Being cloud-hosted, this system offers businesses a flexible approach to mobile communication. Therefore, it is a preferred choice over the traditional and more expensive office phone setups.

One important trait of this solution is that it is available as a rental solution. Simply put, a business can use this software at a monthly rent. They don’t need to worry about any technical aspects. Certainly, this is one of the major advantages of using this solution for a small business.

3. Benefits of a hosted PBX for small businesses

multi tenant ip pbx solution

Undoubtedly, there are several advantages to using a hosted PBX solution. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of using this solution in regard to small business.

3.1 Cost efficiency

Primarily, the enhanced functionalities of PBX setups were available within the reach of large enterprises. Clearly, the reason behind this phenomenon was the substantial investments associated with establishing an in-house telephony framework even with an IP PBX solution. This involved buying a software solution from the development company with a license. Moreover, it requires IP phones or SIP Softphone solutions to use communication features. Furthermore, expenses and technicalities related to managing and maintaining a PBX solution are associated there.

As a result, the financial implications often discourage small businesses from embracing such powerful communication systems. However, hosted PBX made this dream of having a sophisticated communication tool possible for users.

With the hosted or cloud based solution, small businesses do not need to invest in any of the following:

  • License cost or investment in multi tenant IP PBX development
  • Expenses related to the management of the solution
  • Expenses of hosting the software
  • Expenses related to technical maintenance of the software
  • Expenses related to version upgrade

In conclusion, the only expense that a small business needs to bear is monthly rent. Indeed, this investment is too low compared to the development cost or license cost of the software

3.2 Give access to the best communication features

In the competitive business world, it is necessary to have a feature rich communication tool. A multi tenant PBX platform delivers precisely all the communication features that any business requires. Unquestionably, for small businesses, it provides more than expected to build a bigger brand and positive impression. For example, dashboard, extension support, 3-way conferencing, barge-in, call recording, call queues, voicemail-to-email, auto-attendant, IVR, music on hold, remote call management, and so on and so forth. In short, this solution has advanced communication features to empower small businesses within their budget.

In addition to the standard features, if you choose to use a complete unified communications suite within your PBX system, then it is also possible. Moreover, you can integrate business tools like CRM, databases, ERP systems, and more within your PBX. As a result, your small business can leverage the advantage of a comprehensive communication and collaboration tool. This type of enhancement empowers small businesses and startup companies to deliver an enhanced, efficient, and secure service experience to their customers using a powerful communication tool.

We encourage you to read our blog post that shares details of major features available in this type of IP PBX system. The blog title reads, Revolutionary Features of a Multi Tenant IP PBX: Much More Than Just Voice.

3.3 Stress-free solution access

As discussed earlier, it is not sufficient to get the software solution. Definitely, you need to buy a solution. In addition to that, you also need to put in technical resources and funds to manage technical aspects of the software. Furthermore, you must invest resources in the maintenance of the software. Possibly, all this sounds easy. However, it takes significant time in the management of different technical aspects to keep your IP PBX software up and running.

Definitely, a small business might not need to manage uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement). However, this type of company has to be available to attend all the important calls. For example, consider a situation when your PBX phone system is down due to a technical fault, and you have two calls for sales inquiries and one customer call. The number might sound small. However, it is crucial to manage these calls to increase sales and retain an existing client. Certainly, this is the reason behind investment in a feature rich communication system like an IP PBX.

An additional scenario to consider here is that with limited technical resources, bringing your system back to life might go slow. Moreover, you may need to connect with the VoIP development company that has developed this solution and deployed it for you. As a result, a lot of time gets wasted while your phone system stays down. Undoubtedly, you are missing out on several business opportunities.

Contrary to that, using a hosted IP PBX signifies stress free use of this communication system. Service providers will manage all technical aspects. Firstly, they will handle hosting and related technicalities. Secondly, they will ensure a high uptime SLA. Ideally, hosted PBX service providers manage 95.99% or 98.99% of uptime. Unquestionably, service providers will put multiple resources to ensure uptime. However, if due to any technical fault, the system goes down. The provider will get it back to normal within no time. Moreover, the provider also manages maintenance and other technical aspects of the software.

3.4 Exceptional scalability and flexibility

Scalability and flexibility are two popular benefits of using a hosted solution. Generally, a hosted solution is a cloud based system. Certainly, cloud native solutions provide prompt scalability. Therefore, small businesses can scale up their business as and when they need it depending on their business.

Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution

Traditionally, users of multi tenant solutions need to manage several technical aspects. For example, they need to increase cloud capacity. Moreover, they need to manage software upgrades to support the scale up process. Furthermore, they have to increase IP phones or SIP Softphone apps if these tools are involved in the business phone system. Certainly, all these require several arrangements and groundwork.

Contrary to the traditional process, a hosted solution ensures that small businesses don’t need to go through any hassle. All they have to do is connect with their service provider and request to increase the capacity.

An additional flexible benefit available with a hosted PBX system is scaling down the capacity. Certainly, there are some peak seasons for a small business. Likewise, there are some downfalls in business, too. To manage this nature of business, hosted PBX service providers offer flexible scalability options to these users. As a result, small businesses can increase and decrease software capacity whenever required.

3.5 Better failover and recovery support

Hosted service providers focus on excellent, secure, and reliable services. Therefore, they also work on aspects related to failover and recovery support. Certainly, they invest in the best technology to build a reliable and consolidated network that can provide exceptional failover and recovery support.

Generally, hosted PBX service providers build a cluster network to ensure the network doesn’t have technical issues that can cause loss of data or service. Moreover, they automate taking backups and regularly take backups, too. Therefore, it ensures that a small business owner can enjoy services without worrying about any concerns related to data loss.

Certainly, for a small business, it is quite difficult to manage operations related to failover and recovery. Therefore, using a hosted PBX service not only benefits economically but also helps by reducing the responsibility load.

4. Tips to find the best hosted PBX solution

There are several service providers that use the best multi tenant IP PBX software to offer hosted PBX services. It is necessary to identify the right provider that can ensure excellent returns on investment. Moreover, it must have a low-stress level so a small business owner can enjoy excellent services and connectivity.

Major tips to follow while finding the right hosted solution:

  • Research the provider and its impression using online platforms to ensure you are connecting with a client centric brand
  • Compare plans to check feature vs. price models to choose the most beneficial plan
  • Inspect flexibility, security, scalability, and similar aspects to leverage ongoing advantages
  • Take a demo and a free trial of the software to invest in the most competitive solution

Concluding Note

In short, it is definitely alluring to get one of the best IP PBX solutions for your own business. However, it is not feasible for a small business due to several aspects and factors. Certainly, the best option for them is to invest in budget friendly hosted PBX services. As a result, they can save money and use advanced communication features. Moreover, they can enjoy several other advantages as discussed in this blog post.

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