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How Reseller Program Skyrockets the Growth of VoIP Business?

  • January 27, 2021

Similar to any other business, regardless of the industry vertical, you must be dreaming to expand and grow your business. In the VoIP industry, the chances of growth are uncountable. However, you must know the key to success. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the secrets of success, which can help you grow your business at a rapid rate.

The best and most cost-effective way of business expansion is to launch a reseller program.

What is a reseller program?

A business launch a program, according to which, other small businesses or independent consultants can become the partner to sell offerings of the company. The business makes sure to receive the fee it charges from resellers or customers. The reseller earns based on the commission model or by adding their margin. This model is known as the reseller program.

If you use smart VoIP software like ASTPP, you will have multiple VoIP solutions like class 4 Softswitch, fax server solution, calling card management system, multi tenant IP PBX solution, etc. In addition to that ASTPP offers a comprehensive reseller module with an array of features. A smart VoIP solution makes reseller program management easier and swifter.

How launching a reseller program can help you grow your voip business?

Get Marketing and Sales Force without Additional Investment

When you launch a reseller program and you have resellers, they market your products and offerings while all you do is supply the product or service. You get the whole sales and marketing force that advertises and sells your products. Many resellers also handle customer care on their own. In this case, there would be no pain on you. All you do is expand and grow revenues and businesses rapidly.

Only Profit, No Loss

If you are thinking that launching a reseller program and getting resellers onboard would cause any loss then you are mistaken. There are neither losses nor any risks with the reseller model. Even if a business has a reseller program based on commission, then also businesses add the reseller margin in the given prices to the resellers or they give bulk pricing, where quantity results in higher revenues. If a reseller generates no revenues, then you do not need to pay anything. You only pay if they sell. It means only profit, no loss.

Capture Local Market Easily

Still, in many countries, local vendors earn more than the global competition. From language barriers to local SEO results, many things affect businesses and create roadblocks in capturing local business. This is where the reseller program works like a magic. Local vendors are more likely to capture local customers. A smart telephony platform like ASTPP supports multiple languages. Therefore, your resellers can also capture the local market using the multilingual smart VoIP software. Here, resellers will help you capture the markets that only work with local vendors.


In the VoIP industry, a reseller program can help you skyrocket your VoIP Business. However, for that, you must have the capacity to meet the growing needs. A smart VoIP solution with a reseller module and other features can help in running the reseller program with ease.

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