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Kolmisoft Alternative – ASTPP

Overall ASTPP Kolmisoft
Solutions & Cost of Solution
  • ASTPP is one of the leading smart telephony solutions that support all operations of VoIP providers. This comprehensive VoIP platform as it has multiple VoIP solutions to offer. Along with all solutions offered by Kolmisoft, it also has a multi tenant IP PBX, FoIP fax over IP system, fraud management software, VoIP call routing, FreeSWITCH billing and multiple other telephony products to offer.
  • ASTPP is a popular open source VoIP billing solution.
  • ASTPP lets you start low without investing a huge capital; scale up and upgrade as you grow.
  • Kolmisoft has only some VoIP solutions to offer such as a wholesale Softswitch, retail VoIP switch, VoIP calling card system, mobile number portability, and broadcasting system with basing VoIP billing features.
  • Only paid licensed version of its VoIP Softswitch and other solutions is available.
  • It doesn’t have an open source version to either test the performance of the system or to help you start low.
Overall ASTPP Kolmisoft
Technical Support
  • ASTPP experts provide support from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Monday to Friday as per the IST (Indian Time Zone).
  • The team provides extended hour technical support and support even during weekends in case of urgencies.
  • The standard response time of the ASTPP technical support team is within an hour. They employ time to analyze the concern and come up with the final resolution instead of wasting the time of customers with basic questions. They believe in the motto of action speaks louder than words.
  • Kolmisoft technical support is provided from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, EST (Eastern European Time); Monday to Friday. Even if their business website shows different technical support hours, they are not available other than the duration mentioned here.
  • Its technical team is unavailable during weekends and holidays.
  • Kolmisoft technical team’s standard response time is within 15 minutes. However, they only contact customers to ask a few basic questions. This practice actually delays the solution and also wastes the precious time of customers.
Overall ASTPP Kolmisoft
Add-ons for Unlimited Features
  • ASTPP offers an array of add-ons.
  • Each add-on provides either a full fledged VoIP solution or value added functionality.
  • ASTPP also supports the development of custom add-ons by developers, so they can add more features without disturbing the core code.
  • Kolmisoft doesn’t provide any add-on or any value added feature or solution in addition to what you have paid for.
  • It also doesn’t provide any mechanism for developers to customize or develop any new code for the software
Overall ASTPP Kolmisoft
Quality of GUI
  • ASTPP uses the most modern and intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) for its platform.
  • The on-click event time is in microseconds for this platform.
  • Kolmisoft uses an outdated GUI, which has been there for many years without any updates.
  • The on-click response time of this platform is around 1-2 minutes.
  • Even the users of Kolmisoft have been complaining about the GUI of the platform.
Overall ASTPP Kolmisoft
DID Management
  • ASTPP has a complete add-on for DID management with intuitive GUI. This add-on provides multiple features to simplify DID creation, management, and delegation.
  • Key features of DID management add-on are
    1. Single DID creation
    2. Bulk DID creation with an import facility
    3. Single DID assignment to customer/ reseller/ admin
    4. Bulk DID assignment to customer/ reseller/ admin
    5. DID purchase/ release
    6. DID hold/ un-hold
    7. DID billing
    8. And more
  • Kolmisoft has a live demo on its website, in which one cannot create DID. It constantly shows a vague error, which makes the accuracy and efficiency of this platform quite suspicious.
  • Moreover, Kolmisoft has no option to assign VoIP DID numbers to customers.
Overall ASTPP Kolmisoft
Multilingual Support
  • ASTPP is a multilingual platform. By default, it supports the English language. It is also available in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Greek, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, and Japanese.
  • ASTPP team keeps on adding new languages to support other regional languages.
  • Users can also add any other language with ease within minimal steps.
  • Kolmisoft software is partially available in English and partially in Italian, which makes it difficult to use for any single language user.
  • Kolmisoft is not available in any other language.
Overall ASTPP Kolmisoft
White labeling & Branding
  • ASTPP offers a white labeling facility to let customers use branding benefits.
  • With ASTPP, you can configure all of the following to enjoy a custom branded VoIP software:
    1. Domain
    2. Header
    3. Footer
    4. Logo
    5. Favicon
  • Kolmisoft doesn’t support the white labeling of the platform. Customers have to use the brand elements of Kolmisoft only.
Overall ASTPP Kolmisoft
Billing & Invoicing
  • ASTPP offers the most advanced and comprehensive VoIP billing software.
  • The USP of this VoIP billing solution is real time billing configuration, which ensures that customers cannot talk with a negative balance as they get billed in real time, during a live call.
  • ASTPP offers multiple reports related to billing to provide a holistic view of invoicing and billing to admin and resellers.
  • The billing software also lets customers enjoy end user features.
  • Some of the most competitive features and reports available in ASTPP are:
    1. Download invoices
    2. Review charge history
    3. Refill report
    4. Commission report
    5. CDR report for customer/ provider/ reseller
    6. CSR report for customer/ provider/ reseller
  • Kolmisoft doesn’t support real time billing. It also doesn’t have advanced reports similar to the ASTPP billing platform.
  • The only report available in Kolmisoft is CDR.
Overall ASTPP Kolmisoft
Data Driven Dashboard
  • ASTPP dashboard has multiple real-time reports to show along with standard statistics.
  • Below are some of the major real time statistics available on the ASTPP dashboard:
    1. Today’s statistics
    2. Call status by week & mont
    3. Low balance details
    4. Trunk statistics by calls
    5. Top 10 reports of accounts by minutes and calls
    6. Top 10 reports of countries by minutes and calls
  • Dashboard of Kolmisoft software shows only basic statistics, which shows the number of calls made during a month or today.
  • It has no real time data or statistics to show.
Overall ASTPP Kolmisoft
Reviews & Ratings
  • ASTPP enjoys 4.6 ratings on GoodFirm, 4.6 ratings on Google Business Listing, and 4.2 ratings on the Crozdesk.
  • ASTPP has 50+ reviews given by its users and customers.
  • Kolmisoft has 0.0 ratings on GoodFirms. It doesn’t have any company details on Crozdesk. It has 5-star ratings on Google Business Listing, but that also from just 4 people who have left no review comments, which shout out loud about the legitimacy of these ratings.
Overall ASTPP Kolmisoft
  • ASTPP is safeguarded against brute force attacks and other distrustful activities using Fail2Ban.
  • It also has an exclusive VoIP fraud detection and management software to help users with live monitoring and blocking suspicious calls in real time depending on different criteria such as country, prefix, etc.
  • The only security mechanism available in Kolmisoft is Fail2Ban, which blocks suspicious IP addresses.
  • There is no other security feature based on prefix, country, or any other criteria available to keep the system protected from malicious attacks and thefts
Overall ASTPP Portaone
  • ASTPP is funded and managed by an Indian technology company, called Inextrix Technologies.
  • ASTPP has 70+ dedicated engineers, designers, R&D professionals, and other experts in the team that dedicatedly work on the growth, development, and enhancement of ASTPP.
  • ASTPP has been actively adopting different trends, engaging GUIs, and has proven itself as one of the major players in the VoIP industry by securing the position of top 10 VoIP platforms for many years
  • Kolmisoft has a workforce of 2 – 9 employees. Out of this one or two developers focus on maintaining the system.
  • This could be one of the driving factors behind no growth, outdated GUI, and no visible bandwidth increase in the past 17 years.
  In a nutshell, ASTPP is a comprehensive smart telephony platform, which provides not only the best VoIP Softswitch solution, but multiple other VoIP solutions and benefits compared to Kolmisoft.

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