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ASTPP Beta Version 6.0 Launched: Join the Group of Beta Testers

  • June 9, 2022

Bringing the best for ASTPP users is our sole motto and we relentlessly work on improving the performance of existing features and keep on adding new features, and add-ons for the users of this #1 open source platform based on FreeSWITCH. This time we have come up with the ASTPP Beta Version 6.0 release.

ASTPP Version 6.0 is loaded with several enhancements and some amazing new features to benefit you and thousands of users of this top smart telephony platform. This version is tested by our quality assurance team and now we are looking for volunteers and businesses interested in contributing to this open source VoIP platform with beta version use and testing.

Top reasons to use ASTPP beta version 6.0:

  • Get early access to the latest version release of this smart telephony platform
  • Get featured in our monthly newsletter
  • Contribute to the open source community and its growth
  • And more

What is new in ASTPP version 6.0?

There are multiple new and amazing features in the new version of ASTPP. Some of the key features and updates are briefly explained below:

UI enhancements      ASTPP version 6.0 has a better user interface with an intuitive design. The menu is more user friendly and the dashboard shows more engaging statistics, including data for the VoIP Softswitch solution.
Call screening The recipient of the call will receive the saved information of the caller on the destination on-net device to take advantage of VoIP caller ID.
Intercom connection The multi tenant IP PBX system of ASTPP 6.0 will allow intercom calling between companies.
Inbound routes The new version of this #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH supports caller ID based DID assignment, as well as, account authentication and billing.
Quality based routing This feature will constantly check the acceptance by a provider and based on the priority and acceptance, the provider will be selected in the rate group.
Demand based routing The FreeSWITCH billing software of ASTPP will apply different rates for the same destination depending on the time of the day.
Shadow billing Shadow billing with hidden charges calculated in the billing will be available in the ASTPP’s FreeSWITCH billing software.
Access control It is an added add-on, which will provide access control to the administrator to restrict or allow source IP to access the web portal.
Barge-in The communication solutions of ASTPP like a multi tenant IP PBX system will provide an integrated barge-in facility to train or assure the quality of calls.
DID wise call transfer Configure DID’s failover destination depending on the disposition received from the primary destination.
Real time logs The platform will show live statistics of different services and systems. You can also access the real time registration log of SIP devices and users.
Automated reports Configure recurring reports with email alerts.


The ASTPP Version 6.0 has an array of features to empower the users of this smart telephony platform.

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