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ASTPP release version 1.7.2

  • March 6, 2013
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After a long wait, we are finally able to release version 1.7.2 of ASTPP. There are no major updates on the core platform, however we have managed to clear many bugs and enhanced systems core functionality. We plan to update GIT during the course of the week. Version 1.8 is in the pipe where we will reintroduce Asterisk and bring back Call Shops, the rest of the Asterisk apps will follow on with version 1.8.5. Below are whats new in version 1.7.2.

Issues fixed :

1. Removed — SELECT — from trunk dropdown
2. Fixed max channel issue for trunk
3. Added unique key in fscdr for performance
4. Fix delete issue of account page
5. Resolve email template issue (pending)
8. Remove google js from the headers to improve speed
9. Displayed correct status of add/edit/delete
10. Resolved short_opentag issue
11. Resolved Invoice list problem in admin login
12. Resolved account list count issue
13. Resolve CDR issues
14. Removed call duplication issue for provider
15. Removed tax related issues
16. Resolved DID duplication in accounts module

Implemented :

1. Rates display to customers
2. Live call report
3. Folder structure improvements
4. Added system uptime in dashboard
5. Installation script
6. Removed fields from modules if softswitch is freeswitch
7. Tab view in account view page
8. Separate system configuration variables in groups
9. Grid improvements
10. User summary report for admin
11. Allow multiple patterns in package
12. Block prefix feature in accounts module
13. More options in payment process
14. Payment report under reports
15. Batch delete in origination rates & Termination rates
16. Delete invoice feature
17. Freeswitch Devices Caller id Feature

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