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Version 1.7.3 released

  • May 25, 2013

After months of effort and dedication we are proud to announce the release of V.1.7.3 Beta. This version is a great achievement for us as we rewrote +-12000 lines of code that was related to the astpp-wraper.cgi file, which we have now completely removed. Most of the issues faced during installations and configurations were caused through the astpp-wraper.cgi file. We also restructured the entire code base into a “modular structure” and clean out all unnecessary scripts that were causing load. We improved database structure by adding ID fields in tables with a focus to migrate completely to a relationship database. Applied security patches to MYSQL DB and GUI Modules.

We would also like to say a big Thank You to some of our commercial customers that sponsored some of their development to the open source community.

New Features V.1.7.3

  • Ability to create Provider Gateways directly from GUI. (Now no need To create it from xml files or use third-party applications to manage gateways)
  • Add multiple SIP Profiles directly from GUI
  • Created UI for adding clusters of Freeswitch servers
  • Automatic account number generation
  • Dynamic pointing of DID Numbers to PSTN Numbers
  • Email Notifications
  • Batch delete feature in all modules
  • Dynamic ACL Support (No need to add IP in Freeswitch configuration file manually)
  • Debian OS support
  • Improved wholesale customer support
  • Customer dashboard with customer detail information & able to change their details

Bug Fixes V.1.7.3

  • Fix issue in Time Zone support
  • Removed SIP Devices duplication in Freeswitch, when Opensips is enabled
  • Removed enforcement of Pricelist when creating Providers
  • Permission issues
  • Vulnerability issues

Improvements V.1.7.3

  • Database Improvements (Added ID fields in table for better references)
  • Code restructure to improve performance and security
  • Removed support of Perl from GUI to avoid uncertain issues
  • Accounts module separation
  • Restructured call billing scripts to increase number of concurrent calls
  • Renamed “Price List” to “Rate Groups”
  • Customer portal dashboard improvements

Upcoming Features/improvements in V.1.7.3

  • Paypal payment gateway support
  • Better email notifications
  • Batch update for rates modules
  • Improve rate import feature
  • Version Auto update script
  • One summary report for customer/reseller/provider
  • Trunk states report
  • Layout improvements in popup box and menus
  • Invoice & charge update scripts

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