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ASTPP Successfully Completed Webinar on Switch Monitoring Commercial Add-on: On the Go!

  • May 6, 2022

The ASTPP community has been benefiting ITSPs, VoIP experts, ASTPP users, and aspiring VoIP professionals with its rich experience and expertise. It not only offers the #1 open source VoIP solution based on FreeSWITCH, but it also shares knowledge with the industry in terms of blog posts, news, events, etc. 

By continuing the legacy, recently, the ASTPP community conducted a second webinar on the switch monitoring topic. 

The topic covered in this webinar is Switch Monitoring Commercial Add-on: On the Go!

The community leader announced the successful completion of the webinar. This webinar was hosted by Mr. Tinku Moni Keot, who is not only an ASTPP community member, but also the team lead of the ASTPP support team. He has years of experience in the VoIP industry and ASTPP: Smart Telephony Platform.

Tinku covered one of the most important add-ons of ASTPP, Switch Monitoring in the latest webinar. In a 30+ minutes long webinar, he covered all important aspects related to switch monitoring, as well as, an important concept of commercial add-ons in ASTPP. The webinar was attended by global audiences and it is now live to view on an official YouTube channel.

The complete webinar is available here:

If you missed this webinar, you must go through the recording of this live webinar right now.

Tinku covered all major business aspects such as:

  • What is a commercial add-on in ASTPP?
  • What is switch monitoring in ASTPP?
  • Why should I install and use it?
  • What data is it parsing and how is it connected with FreeSWITCH?
  • Who can benefit from using it?
  • How to install the switch monitoring add-on? 
  • How to use the switch monitoring add-on?
  • Live question and answers 

Tinku initiated the webinar by explaining the concept of a commercial add-on, which is additional to enterprise and community add-ons available to the ASTPP: smart telephony platform users. After giving enough insight on the commercial add-ons in ASTPP, he covered switch monitoring, which is one of the commercial add-ons of ASTPP in detail. He covered all the details related to this add-on along with its major use case and benefits to give a brief on using it from a business perspective. 

Tinku has given a live walkthrough of this commercial add-on in the webinar to demonstrate how easily you can install and use the switch monitoring add-on at its best. 

In the last part of the webinar, Tinku opened the chat section to accept questions from the live participants. The participants asked questions related to the compatibility of switch monitoring with OpenSIPS and also showed interest in using the ASTPP platform

The recorded webinar gives a complete insight into this key topic. 

Concluding notes

ASTPP community is always keen to benefit the VoIP industry, which is why it keeps on bringing the #1 open source VoIP solution based on FreeSWITCH with excellent version releases. It also keeps conducting ASTPP training and certification programs and sharing knowledge via different platforms.

To keep yourself updated with the knowledge of trending VoIP technologies and ASTPP: smart telephony platform, keep following ASTPP and its resources.

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