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ASTPP Successfully Completed Webinar on FoIP: Defining the Future of Faxing

  • April 27, 2022

The ASTPP community has been proactive in exchanging knowledge and expertise with the VoIP and telephony industry. From participating in expos and events to offering an ASTPP training and certification program and conducting free webinars, the ASTPP community proactively participates in sharing knowledge to benefit other businesses and VoIP experts. Recently, the ASTPP team conducted a free webinar on FoIP.

The topic covered in this webinar is, FoIP: Defining the Future of VoIP.

It was a successful webinar conducted by one of the community members, Mr. Harsh Patel. He covered both business and technical aspects of fax over IP software in this webinar. The duration of the webinar was 25+ minutes and it was attended by global users of ASTPP: smart telephony platform and other VoIP professionals.

The complete webinar is available here:

If you missed this webinar, you must go through the recording of this live webinar.

Harsh covered all major business aspects related to a FoIP solution such as:

  • Defining FoIP solution in the end user’s language to make it easy to understand what virtual faxing is.
  • Briefly explaining the major advantages of using fax over IP solutions or fax over IP service over traditional faxing systems.
  • Major use cases of fax over IP open source and proprietary solutions in different industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and finance.

After covering business aspects, Harsh shifted to the technical part of using fax over IP software solutions. There are three different flows of using fax over internet protocol solution for e-faxing:

  1. Web to fax
  2. Email to fax and 
  3. Fax to email

Harsh not only explained each of these flows of using fax over IP solutions, but he also covered the technical aspects of each of these flows. To give a more detailed understanding of using these flows, Harsh took webinar participants on the walkthrough of the ASTPP virtual faxing solution.

He explained flows of all three types of faxing using fax over IP open source or proprietary solution. Moreover, he shared some helpful configurations for each flow so the users of this ASTPP add-on or VoIP faxing solution can leverage maximum advantages.

The last part of the webinar was a Q&A round in which Harsh answered major questions of the participants related to multi tenancy with faxing and more. Everyone enjoyed the webinar and the whole experience delivered by Harsh.


The ASTPP community constantly puts efforts into benefiting users of ASTPP and the VoIP and telephony industry. Along with benefiting ITSPs and other VoIP businesses with the #1 open source VoIP solution that is built using the power of FreeSWITCH technology, the community also provides learning opportunities from experts to the industry with its ASTPP training and certification courses and events like webinars such as recent webinar on FoIP and resources like blog posts, case studies, etc. 

To keep yourself updated with the knowledge of trending VoIP technologies and ASTPP: smart telephony platform, keep following ASTPP and its resources.

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