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ASTPP Successfully Completed Webinar: VoIP Number Porting with ASTPP for South Africa

  • November 8, 2022

The ASTPP community has been proactive in exchanging knowledge and expertise with the VoIP and telephony industry. We have been contributing to the VoIP community and satisfying the knowledge thirst of aspiring VoIP engineers and telephony entrepreneurs with various resources. Conducting insightful webinars is one of the resources we share with VoIP and telecom learners and professionals. Recently, we conducted a webinar on the topic of “VoIP number porting with ASTPP for South Africa”.

We are excited to share that all the recent events are successful, including our latest webinar on the topic of VoIP number porting with ASTPP for South Africa.

This webinar was conducted by Tinku Moni Keot, Technical Support Lead, ASTPP official team. In this 25+ minutes long webinar, Tinku shared a complete insight on the topic of VoIP number porting and turn it in their favor in South Africa and other countries.

Some of the key points highlighted in this webinar are listed below:

  • Defining number porting and VoIP number porting
  • The working model of VoIP number porting
  • VoIP number porting needs and demands
  • Understanding VoIP number porting with ASTPP
  • Potential challenges related to number porting
  • The time-frame required for porting a number
  • And more

He explained everything about VoIP number porting and its benefits for you and your businesses. He also gave a more detailed understanding about add-on with live demo of how its working on live dashboard.

If you have missed this webinar, do not worry. Here is the recorded version of this webinar to let you learn from this webinar: 


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