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ASTPP Community Version 6.0 is Released

  • October 18, 2022

We are excited to announce the release of the ASTPP community version 6.0. It is the next version update of your very own smart telephony platform, ASTPP. This new version
is coming up with
some amazing features, some much needed and highly in-demand add-ons, and some exceptional enhancements to existing features and add-ons. 


New Dashboard 

Server health, in-line topup notifications and more.

Create Voice Broadcast

Record a message and shoot!

Automated Report

Configure and auto receive CDRs reports

Automated Report   

SIP End Point Status

SIP Devices and Gateway Registration Status


Ring Group

Ring Group  

Ring Group

Advanced SIP Routing

Advanced SIP Routing


Create Personalized Rates

Call Activity Report

Codec Selection & Preference



Note: Debian 10/11 OS recommended.