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ASTPP Successfully Completed Webinar: What's New in ASTPP Enterprise 6.0?

  • July 13, 2022

From the day, the ASTPP enterprise 6.0 edition was launched, we have received an amazing response from users of the ASTPP enterprise platform, as well as, we have received many inquiries to use this smart telephony platform for the amazing features it offers. To give a more detailed view of this platform and to satisfy the curiosity of many out there, our ASTPP team and community members recently held a webinar and we are pleased with the response we have received.

The topic we covered was, “What’s New in ASTPP Enterprise 6.0?”. It was covered by Harsh and Alpesh in very much detail to give a closer look at this platform. 

Alpesh and Harsh commenced the webinar with a discussion about the launch of ASTPP enterprise 6.0 and the preface of the webinar to give an overview of what will be covered in this webinar. In This 1.30 hour long webinar, Harsh and Alpesh first discussed each and every new feature or feature related enhancement. This gave more details about how the team of VoIP development experts of ASTPP has worked hard on working on small to big details for each feature. The team has not only added new features, but also enhanced and fine tuned the existing features.

The next segment of the webinar was more focused on add-ons. As we all know, this smart telephony platform provides amazing add-ons to both community and enterprise users. The ASTPP enterprise users get access to more advanced and all available add-ons such as multi tenant IP PBX, fax server solution, etc. The ASTPP experts give emphasis to add-ons as it provides stable core code and the capacity to add more features and functionalities to the existing platform without disturbing the core code. Harsh and Alpesh covered the major facts related to different enhancements performed and new features added in each of the add-ons.

The details of the following add-ons are covered in this webinar by the hosts:

  • Multi tenant IP PBX
  • Personalized rates
  • Fraud detection and management software
  • Two factor aka 2-way authentication 
  • Nibble billing as part of VoIP billing software
  • Language as part of a multilingual solution
  • Support ticket

After discussing add-ons, the host gave a walkthrough of the new features and add-ons with brief details of each important feature or add-on to give technical background to the webinar viewers.

The last round of the webinar included a Q&A round, which allowed our audience across the world to ask puzzling questions related to ASTPP enterprise 6.0 directly to the experts. The audience asked some really interesting questions such as how much load do real time reports increase on the database. 

Concluding notes

This time, we had a different topic as we covered detailed information about our recently launched edition of the ASTPP enterprise solution. We provided much more details by having a 1.33 hour long webinar. We are glad to receive such an amazing response from our clients and other VoIP industry experts for this smart telephony platform.

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