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ASTPP Will Exhibit ASTPP 4 at CC Expo London 2020

  • January 28, 2020

ASTPP is a popular open source VoIP solution. It has been in the industry for more than 16 years now. An Indian IT company, namely, iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd manages this solution and also has been investing in the growth and development of this open source VoIP solution for many years. The community has launched the latest version of ASTPP 4 in mid-2019.

The community leaders have announced that they will participate in Call and Contact Centre Expo 2020 and they will exhibit the latest version of ASTPP, which is ASTPP 4 in this one of the biggest Call and Contact Center Expos in the world and one of the most renowned events in Europe.

The company that manages ASTPP will sponsor its exhibition at this event. The community leaders themselves will exhibit ASTPP 4 at CC Expo 2020 in London and generate awareness about this solution.

What is ASTPP 4?

ASTPP has been catering to businesses as an open source VoIP solution for more than 16 years. With the launch of the ASTPP 4, it has been transformed into a smart VoIP solution. ASTPP stands for A Smart TelePhony Platform. This platform offers features of the top VoIP solutions such as class 4 softswitch, VoIP billing, multi tenant IP PBX, fax server solution, fraud detection, custom rates, and many more. The company offers these top features as either core solution or additional add-ons.

The community has launched the enterprise version of ASTPP 4. Now, ASTPP is available as an open source and an enterprise solution. As per the shared details, already hundreds of users have started using this smart VoIP software. Both, open source and enterprise versions are heavily in use due to its never seen before offerings.

What is Call and Contact Center Expo?

It is a leading expo in Europe. It is organized to provide a platform for industry leaders to exchange business and knowledge related to strategies, technologies, and similar expertise. It also encourages buying, selling, networking, and finding other business opportunities. It will be conducted at ExCel London, London.

ASTPP 4 Exhibition at CC Expo London

ASTPP community leaders have reserved a stand at this event:

Booth no: 1961

The community leaders will stay at the event venue at the reserved booth on 18 and 19 March 2020 to exhibit this smart telephony platform.

They have also shown interest in meeting company representatives and consultants working in Europe to meet and discuss about possible mutual business grounds and opportunities for collaboration. The community representatives are open to meeting invites from 15 to 20 March 2020. They will stay available in London and can meet before, during or after the expo. To schedule a personal meeting and to know more about their participation in this event, please contact us.