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We Are Excited to Announce the Release of ASTPP 5.0 Beta version

  • June 8, 2021

We are excited to announce the release of the beta version of ASTPP 5.0. It is the next version update of your very own smart telephony platform, ASTPP.  This new version is coming up with some amazing features, some much needed and highly in-demand add-ons, and some exceptional enhancements to existing features and add-ons.

Our team has already run thorough software testing programs to check the stability and bug free performance of the new version of ASTPP. But, by continuing our norms, we would love to release the beta version first. Let ASTPP users, community members, and ASTPP enterprise solution customers use the beta version and give their valuable feedback, comments, and contribution to the final version release of ASTPP 5.0

What is new in the ASTPP 5.0?

We are sure that you are overjoyed with the news of the release of the ASTPP 5.0 beta version. You must be even more excited to explore more about the features the ASTPP 5.0 is coming up with, right?

We invite you to have a look at our ASTPP 5.0 release teaser video here:

To fill your thirst of excitement to explore more about the excellent features ASTPP 5.0 is coming up with here are some highlights for you related to what is new in the ASTPP?

Number portability

We all are aware of the importance of number portability in the telephony business. Thus, to let ASTPP users take advantage of this amazing business offering, we have developed a number portability add-on. This add-on is part of the ASTPP 5.0 beta version and of course the upcoming stable version release.

Stripe payment gateway

PayPal has been the default and only payment model available to ASTPP users. But, now we have come up with one more payment method, which is Stripe. It is an add-on and you can use this add-on to support different payment processing methods like credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, etc.

Two factor authentication

Security has always been the main focus of ASTPP since its inception. From fraud detection to alerts and notifications, there are already multiple add-ons available to let ASTPP users have a secure system on hand. To make the security mechanisms even stronger, we have come up with another add-on, which is two-factor authentication. 

Other than these add-ons, there are many more amazing features available in the ASTPP 5.0 such as:

  • Added security features and mechanisms
  • Effective data based call rate configuration and application
  • Additional features added to the multi tenant IP PBX add-on
  • Hybrid call routing lets you mix two call routing features
  • Real time billing to avoid minus balance situation
  • And many more

There are several new features and functionality enhancements in the ASTPP 5.0. 

Try and test all the new features, add-ons, and functionalities on your own by opting for ASTPP 5.0 beta version. Contact us to show your interest in using the beta version and we would be more than happy to assist you further to give access to it.