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ASTPP Announced Participation in Convergence India

  • March 15, 2022

One of the community leaders of ASTPP announced that ASTPP will participate in the upcoming Indian expo, called Convergence India. The community representatives will exhibit this powerful VoIP solution from booth number 5375; from the 23rd of March to the 25th of March. The event will be conducted at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.

“ASTPP has gained a lot of popularity as an open-source VoIP billing software solution, but now it is not just a VoIP billing FreeSWITCH solution. It is a smart telephony solution that has multiple core solutions and add-ons offering advanced features or a VoIP software solution. From DID number providers to wholesale service providers, SIP trunking providers, VoIP billing service providers, and any business can use this platform. We want to generate awareness about this multitude of usage of this powerful platform”, shared the representative of ASTPP.

About Convergence India

It is 29th Convergence India and it is one of the well-known business events based in India. It gets conducted in Delhi every year as it is one of the capital business hubs of India. Convergence India conducts business expos, networking events, and expert keynote sessions to benefit all-scaled businesses and professionals.

As per the shared details by an official source of Convergence India, this year, the event will have around 800 business stands from different companies that will be exhibiting their products, services, and offerings. The event management team is expecting more than 25,000 visitors in this business event of three days. There will be multiple keynote sessions to empower participants of this event with the domain expertise of global speakers.

“During our participation in the Convergence India, we are willing to benefit participants with our expertise in the business telephony business. We will share how different IP telephony solutions offered by ASTPP can benefit businesses. For example, multi-tenant IP PBX software can be used in any business to reduce telecom expenses and enhance business communication and collaboration. We are willing to make some partners that are interested in exploring mutual grounds of business to grow and expand together. We are also excited to learn from the experience and knowledge of others. Along with networking and brand awareness of ASTPP, knowledge exchange is our major focus”, shared Samir Doshi, Community Leader of ASTPP.


It is a smart telephony platform that has been empowering thousands of global businesses for many years. It is recognized as one of the top 3 open source VoIP billing software solutions. It is also renowned as one of the top 10 open-source VoIP solutions. It enjoys a 4.6% rating on multiple business and product reviews and rating digital platforms. It offers an all-inclusive business telephony platform that has a bouquet of VoIP solutions and advanced features to offer.

ASTPP has one of the most proactive communities and most visionary community leaders. The community leaders aim to flourish this open source VoIP solution on the global platform and let the world be aware of a plethora of business opportunities that can be generated using ASTPP. As part of this vision and mission, the community leaders exhibit ASTPP in multiple international events and expos. This time, ASTPP will be exhibited in India at the Convergence India event. To know more about ASTPP, please visit