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Portaone Alternative – ASTPP

ASTPP is a more scalable, reliable, and robust Softswitch/PBX solution. It has both, community and enterprise versions, unlike PortaOne. In multiple ways, ASTPP can help you upscale your business growth.

Free & Paid Usage Models
  • It has been offering an open source (community) version.
  • It also offers an enterprise version.
  • You can get started absolutely free with an open source telecom billing platform.
  • Open source Billing platform also provides access to some features of the class 4 Softswitch software for free.
  • Upgrade to the enterprise version once you start making a profit or when ready.
  • Only the enterprise version is available.
  • You don’t have an option to get started without paying a complete license fee.
  • Unlike ASTPP, you need a hefty investment before making any profits.
Versatility of the Platform
  • It is a versatile, smart telephony platform.
  • It has an array of VoIP solutions to offer such as multi tenant IP PBX, class 4 Softswitch software, wholesale VoIP billing solution, fax server, calling card solution, etc.
  • A single platform can cater to small businesses to large scaled VoIP service providers, ITSPs, etc.
  • It is a pricey solution.
  • It needs specific hardware to work optimally.
  • It is developed with features that can meet the needs of big telecom service providers only.
  • Not suitable for small or medium scale VoIP providers.
Installation & Scalability Complexities
  • It is a highly scalable and flexible solution.
  • All elements like core software, database, and GUI platform, can be installed in a single place.
  • It makes management easier and cheaper.
  • Once a business grows and the volume rises up, the business can create clusters with an easy scale up process.
  • PortaOne offers 2 major VoIP solutions.
    1. PortaSIP (Class 4/5 Softswitch and SBC).
    2. PortaBilling (BSS and OCS).
  • To set up PortaBilling, multiple Linux servers are needed even if the call volume is low.
  • It increases intricacy and cost.
Ownership of Platform
  • It gets installed on your server or cloud space.
  • The whole platform is developed by a single community, even if it has multiple VoIP solutions to offer.
  • You get complete ownership and control over the software in the community version.
  • In addition to that, you get the freedom of decision making for server redundancy.
  • It has some third party providers that provide the server partitions for PortaOne.
  • If you use this platform, you will need to use services from these third party vendors, which include and Telinta.
  • This model creates roadblocks related to server redundancy and platform ownership.
User Level System Access
  • ASTPP VoIP billing solution has role based user allocation.
  • It also supports the reseller model.
  • It has an insightful and simple to use GUI based interface.
  • All this makes ASTPP quite easy to learn, use and manage for different users.
  • It supports super admin, admin, customer, and reseller user types.
  • PortaOne has only an admin interface to offer with advanced features.
  • This makes it challenging to manage role based users.
  • It doesn’t provide operational flexibility and role based platform access.

Flexibility of Platform Customization

  • The source code of the community version is available for customization.
  • Enterprise and its all add-ons are flexible to be customized.
  • Open source billing can be customized by freelance developers and companies.
  • Using ASTPP billing platform experts or freelancers, you can develop add-ons, enhance UI, etc.
  • This opens the options to get cheaper development services for this powerful platform.
  • It is a proprietary solution and its source code is not accessible to VoIP providers that are using it.
  • For any enhancements and development, its users need to take help from PortaOne or its authorized partners.
Technical Support Flexibility
  • It has a community forum with a proactive community.
  • The community proactively gives resolutions to any technical or business queries that ASTPP open source billing users face.
  • There are also many freelancers and companies that offer paid technical support for an open source VoIP billing version.
  • Paid technical support from ASTPP experts is available for enterprise users.
  • Its users are dependent on the authorized PortaOne partners for any kind of technical support.

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