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Priority Call Routing and Its Importance in the VoIP Industry

  • October 20, 2020

One of the commonly used terms in the VoIP industry is call routing. For different VoIP solutions, its operational model also changes. In this article, we are going to explore the priority call routing for wholesale VoIP business.

Nowadays, the wholesale VoIP business is powered by a class 4 Softswitch in general (In the past, wholesale VoIP businesses used hardware switches until the invention of software). One of the major functionalities of a class 4 Softswitch or a hardware-based wholesale switch is to route wholesale call traffic from source to destination. As class 4 Softswitch is a software solution, it has multiple call routing algorithms to offer.

What is priority call routing?

It is one of the call routing rules available in the class 4 Softswitch and similar VoIP solutions. As the name suggests, it routes the calls according to the assigned priority.

This call routing rule, also referred to as weighted call routing, involves the admin or system assigning a weight to each call and then routing or distributing the call accordingly.

The priority call routing, also known as the static call distribution rule, does not frequently or in real-time change the priority of the call.

Why is priority call routing important?

Priority call routing is one of the most important call routing rules available in class 4 Softswitch and similar software. It is really important to run a business swimmingly and in a profit-making manner.

Let’s understand the importance of priority call routing with major examples and use cases.

Priority name itself signifies the real use case of this type of call distribution rules.

The business refers to customers who are long-term, pay high amounts, bring in new reference business, or otherwise benefit the business as premium customers. Any business stays keen on catering to these customers on priority to keep them happy. Here comes the priority call routing into the picture.

The priority call distribution process helps in taking the calls of each important customer on priority and provides the highest quality to the customers.

This call routing rule is also important in treating customers who always pay low so they either upgrade the package or let you make the profit from their business. For example, if a customer always chooses LCR (Least Cost Routing) process by opting for the cheapest VoIP calling service, then his or her calls can be routed with weight-based call routing aka priority call routing. In this case, the calls of this customer receive the least priority.

By delivering the best and most suitable services, a business can gain multiple advantages along with revenues. Therefore, priority call routing to distribute calls is important in class 4 Softswitch and similar solutions.

ASTPP 4 enterprise solution offers priority call routing as one of the call routing rules along with multiple other call distribution rules in the smart telephony solution it offers. To know more about this software and rule and to book a free demo, contact us.