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Enterprise Solution: Amalgamates Strengths of Proprietary and Open source Solutions

  • October 13, 2020

Open source technologies and solutions are available to benefit various businesses and organizations belong to different industry verticals. To overpower the open source solutions, the technology companies often introduce third party aka proprietary solutions. The VoIP industry also has these two traditional options to choose from.

An open source VoIP solution provides cost benefits. On the contrary, the proprietary VoIP software benefits of presenting advanced features.

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But, do you know, there is one more option of getting a VoIP solution or any other technology-based solution, which is as competitive as a proprietary solution and as pocket friendly as an open source solution. This solution is called enterprise solution provided by the open source group. In some cases, such as ASTPP, the enterprise solutions are, in fact, way more powerful and futuristic than any other third party software.

What is an enterprise solution?

An enterprise solution is a common word. Some proprietary software companies label some of their offerings as an enterprise solution. However, the real enterprise solution, which bestows the blended benefits of both, open source and proprietary solutions, is a different one. An open source community offers a paid solution, which is called an enterprise solution.

How the stated enterprise solution benefit?

As mentioned in the preceding point, an enterprise VoIP solution offered by an open source group will have all the features and functionalities of an open source and proprietary VoIP software solution. Furthermore, it will also provide some more unique, futuristic, and competitive features. This helps in gaining the much needed competitive advantage in this fiercely competitive world.

Some enterprise VoIP solutions offered by the open source groups are way more competitive, advanced, and powerful such as the ASTPP enterprise solution.

The ASTPP enterprise solution is a smart VoIP solution. It has been developed using smart technologies and frameworks. It not only offers various amazing features, but it also offers comprehensive, feature-rich, and highly scalable VoIP solutions to enterprise users.

For example, if you are an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) or VoIP business owner, you must want multiple solutions to increase revenues. The ASTPP enterprise solutions remove the need for different VoIP solutions by providing all major VoIP software as a bundle in the ASTPP.

Let’s understand with a complete example.

You are running an ITSP business and want to offer business phone services along with the efaxing services. For this you will need two VoIP solutions:

  1. Multi tenant IP PBX solution and
  2. Fax server solution

If these VoIP solutions do not have inbuilt VoIP billing software, you will also need to invest in that.

On the contrary, the ASTPP enterprise solution offers all major VoIP solutions without any extra investment such as:

  • Multi tenant IP PBX software
  • Fax server solution
  • VoIP billing solution
  • Class 4 Softswitch
  • DID numbering solution
  • Help desk support ticket software
  • Ported number solution
  • International credit solution
  • Advanced fraud detection for highest security
  • And many more

In a nutshell, an enterprise solution offered by an open source community provides never thought before competence and pricing. For more details or to book a free trial of the ASTPP enterprise solution, contact us.