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Quick Start with VoIP Reselling Business

  • November 15, 2021

VoIP reselling business is often easy to get started with. Usually, the business VoIP providers, or VoIP Softswitch providers that offer the reselling business assist you through the whole process. To help you get started quickly and easily, we are here with this guide.

How to a quick start with your VoIP reselling business.

1. Define what you want to resell

Depending on your interest and skills you can choose to resell any of the VoIP software like wholesale VoIP billing solution, IP PBX, class 4 Softswitch software, class 5 Softswitch software, etc. Alternatively, you can resell VoIP services offered by the business VoIP providers, international VoIP wholesale providers, local wholesale VoIP providers, etc.

First, define what you are interested in and skilled in reselling.

2. Check reseller criteria

You can check the reseller criteria of the business that offers to resell business opportunities. Different VoIP providers can have different criteria. For example, the ASTPP billing reseller model has a simple criterion of having a technical understanding of VoIP. That’s it. On the other hand, some wholesale VoIP service providers need you to be a resident of some countries. You need to make sure you join the reselling model of the VoIP provider that is flexible.

3. Agree on payment terms

This is the most important aspect for sure. There are two payment models offered by a majority of business VoIP providers, VoIP software providers, and even international wholesale VoIP service providers:

  1. Commission based and
  2. Profit-sharing

Both models have their pros and cons, so choose one wisely. You can take the help of your VoIP provider to understand the difference between both. Providers also give recommendations as they are also interested in more business to create a win-win situation.

You must also check the terms and conditions related to getting paid. It has to be after a specific interval regardless of the fact how many sales you made.

4. Complete the formalities

The next step is to complete the formalities to become a reseller. Usually, it includes the following paperwork:

  • NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
  • Legal documents related to reseller business
  • Identity verification 

Again, different VoIP providers can have different formalities for their resellers to complete.

5. Start reselling and earning

Once the formalities are complete, you can start your reselling business. To be successful in your business, follow these steps:

  • Take complete product training
  • Launch a website to promote your business
  • Invest in referral marketing and digital marketing
  • Use your marketing and sales skills


If you are thinking of joining one of the reseller models offered by VoIP Softswitch providers or VoIP service providers, you are making the right move. There are many advantages to becoming a VoIP reseller. One of the biggest ones is to start earning without investing anything heftily. Follow the steps mentioned in this article to get started and succeed in your reselling business.

We also have a reseller program for the enterprise version of our ASTPP VoIP billing solution. Along with open source FreeSWITCH billing, the ASTPP enterprise version has much to offer, which makes it an in-demand platform. Let us explain more about ASTPP and its reseller model to help you quickly start. Contact us NOW.