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Open Source Licensing related to the VoIP industry and Its Significance

  • November 19, 2021

Open source solutions are available in almost all technologies: from VoIP to mobile app, web development, machine learning, and more. If you are a VoIP provider, it is worth knowing about the open-source licensing related to the VoIP industry. Whether you use an open-source VoIP PBX, open-source VoIP billing, or any other open-source VoIP software, the rules are the same.

What is open source licensing in the VoIP industry?

In the VoIP industry, similar to any other industry vertical, when someone makes a piece of code open-source, everyone can access and use it. The users like VoIP Softswitch providers, wholesale VoIP service providers, business VoIP providers, etc. can use this software even for commercial purposes. However, each user of the open-source solution such as an open-source billing system.

Types of open source licensing:

There are five different types:

  1. Public domain
  2. Permissive
  3. LGPL (Lesser General Public License)
  4. GPL (General Public License)
  5. Copyleft

Majorly used open source licensing in the VoIP industry and its significance

The majorly used open source by VoIP Softswitch providers or any other open-source VoIP solution providers is GPL (General Public License). 

The GPL is also known as GNU General Public License. Many platforms other than VoIP open-source billing, open-source VoIP PBX, open-source class 5 Softswitch software, etc. are available under GPL license. This signifies the freedom of using the code or software that is available as an open-source billing solution or any other VoIP software. It may be a paid platform or have some premium offerings because GPL does not signify a completely free platform to use. In the VoIP industry, a majority of open source solutions following GPL licensing are available for free such as an ASTPP VoIP billing solution

According to the GPL license, any retail or international VoIP wholesale provider or any other business has the freedom to use the software with code. One can also enhance or modify the code to meet his or her business needs. All subsequent components and add-ons developed for the open-source VoIP PBX software or any other software will be licensed under GPL licensing rules. This applies to the components that interact with the main code of the open-source version under GPL.

There are further versions and each has its terms.

Concluding notes

Open-source licensing has multiple categories and subcategories. Each category has its terms to follow for open source software users. Usually, in the VoIP industry, the solutions such as open-source billing, open-source IP PBX, etc. are released under GPL license. It makes code available for the public to use for free. However, there are some terms related to the use of this code. To make sure you use the right open source VoIP software to run your business as one of the leading VoIP service providers or meet your business needs, you have to be aware of the licensing version of the open-source solution you use. To know about ASTPP Billing and its open-source version, contact us.