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Role of Cloud Based Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution in Assuring Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • May 3, 2023

Constant and ongoing communication is necessary for businesses. The VoIP based solutions used by the companies help in enhancing user experience by offering feature rich communication. A multi tenant IP PBX, which is hosted on a cloud platform can be a great tool. It not only provides excellent features to uplift communication and collaboration in a business, but it also has a vital tool to combat situations of on-site system failure. The cloud PBX solution is indeed the most reliable solution for businesses in the 21st century. Let’s explore how. 

Why are business continuity and disaster recovery necessary? 

Traditionally, businesses used to use a telephone line or a traditional PBX system, which gets set up on the premises of the office. Disasters can be manmade or nature based, which interrupts various business operations. For example, if it is the situation of a fire breakout, then communication infrastructure will be damaged and leave the whole office staff unreachable. We are all aware of the COVID outbreak, which imposed lockdowns in the majority of parts of the world. It can make it impossible for team members to use the on-site communication infrastructure. 

There can be several different types of disasters, which affect business communication infrastructure. As we all know, if communication stops, business continuity gets affected. Customers will have no way to reach out for support or there cannot be any sales leads attended until the system is recovered. Even if the infrastructure is restored by tackling the disastrous situation, loss of data and files is a major concern. The business would lose sensitive and vital information, which further affects the sanity and growth of the business and may hamper business continuity. 

Role of cloud based multi tenant IP PBX in assuring high availability of system with disaster recovery 

Cloud based multi tenant IP PBX solution is highly efficient in providing the most reliable system to businesses, so they can enjoy the high availability of the system. It can provide uptime of up to 99.95% with a service level agreement (SLA). Even in the situation of a nature-made or manmade disaster, it will provide business continuity. 

What is cloud PBX software? 

To understand the astounding role of cloud multi tenant IP PBX software in offering reliable disaster recovery and business continuity, let’s first understand what a cloud based IP PBX solution is. 

A cloud PBX solution is a VoIP based private branch exchange (PBX) solution. It will provide a wide array of features related to communication and collaboration along with all the amazing benefits one can gain by using the VoIP based PBX system. It is called a cloud solution because it gets deployed over a cloud platform. Cloud platforms provide remote and virtual hosting places to deploy any solution or infrastructure. Business communication solutions like a multi tenant IP PBX can be hosted on cloud platforms. As these systems are not hosted at on-premises servers, they don’t get affected by manmade disasters. The system will not lose data as well because the whole system will be untouched and unaffected by any disaster occurring at the office premises. 

Major Features of Cloud Based Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution

In the case of nature made disasters such as the COVID outbreak, which restricts users from visiting offices, the business continuity is guaranteed. The reason is the cloud multi tenant IP PBX software is hosted on remote platforms. It provides remote access to the software and all its features. This ensures that team members can use this solution from their homes and continue to provide services to customers and also attend to sales inquiries. 

The cloud based multi tenant IP PBX solution also has some useful features that help businesses ensure excellent customer experience along with disaster recovery and business continuity.  Some of the major features built by the top FreeSWITCH development company in this software are briefly explained here under: 

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Call forwarding 

Calls can be easily forwarded to any other extension or number, which can be a DID number or PRI number of team members. This makes sure customer calls are attended to anytime and always without getting any hint of disaster or issue in the system. For example, if there is a fire outbreak, the same employee will answer the call when a customer dials a predefined number. 

Find me, follow me 

This feature ensures that business calls are forwarded to the next number in the chain of numbers added into the system until one of the team members attends the call or the last number in the chain is reached and the call goes unanswered. For example, if there are three team members added to the chain of numbers for the find me, follow me feature, then the call will go to the first number, then the second number, and then the last number. If any of the team members attend the call, then it will not be forwarded to the next number. 

Ring group 

This feature has the same objective as the find me, follow me feature, but it works on a different phenomenon. It rings all numbers at a time until one of the team members attends the call. For example, if there are five members in the sales team and there is a call from a sales lead, then the ring group feature will ring the extensions or system of all five members. 

Hunt group 

An IP PBX solution also provides a feature to create groups of business team members based on their skills. The calls will be redirected to team members with the right skills in the group based on the nature of the call. 

Concluding notes 

In conclusion, cloud PBX software keeps infrastructure and solutions for business communication intact even in case of any kind of disaster. There are several other features available in the cloud based communication solution that helps businesses to enjoy the high availability of the business phone solution. 

We provide the best multi tenant IP PBX that can be hosted over any public or private cloud platform. Along with offering the software, we also provide the required assistance for hosting the solution and setting up a disaster recovery system. To learn more about our services, please contact us. 

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