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Top 3 Security Add-ons for Consolidated Business Shield

  • October 1, 2019


ASTPP is used to run wholesale and retail VoIP businesses for different verticals. VoIP businesses are growing and that has allured hackers and malicious attackers as well. These attacks can be serious and devastating for businesses. That is why it is necessary to consolidate security mechanisms. ASTPP understands the criticality of security and that’s why in the latest version, it has added multiple security mechanisms. In fact, there are three add-ons dedicated to consolidate security for the VoIP business. Let me share more details.

1. Fraud Detection

This module is developed to detect possible fraud attacks or hack attempts on the system. It can detect attacks with multiple criteria. The admin can also make certain configurations to identify possible hack attempts of toll frauds or any other kind of malicious activity. As soon as anything unusual is detected, this module sends an email or an SMS alert to the admin and reseller. It also takes required action to safeguard system and business on an immediate basis from possible losses.

2. Switch Monitoring

It is a real time monitoring solution. It allows the admin or sub-admin of ASTPP to monitor this smart telephony solution in real time. One can keep an eye on live calls, gateways, SIP devices, etc. to assure everything is normal. If there is anything wrong live call view and real time switch monitoring will show it immediately so the admin can take necessary preventive actions.

3. Alarms

ASTPP experts have tried incorporating all possible security measures to make sure the VoIP business and this smart VoIP solution are protected by the consolidate security mechanism. Furthermore, it gives flexible options to VoIP business admin to set security breach events. It means the admin can define the triggers in Alarms add-on of ASTPP 4. The system will keep eyes on the cases set as triggers in this add-on and will buzz an alarm aka send a notification in case of unusual activity. For example, if a business does not expect more than 200 calls per day, the admin can set whenever there are more than 200 calls, trigger an alarm so the preventive steps can be taken care of.

These are the top 3 add-ons that are dedicated to the security of this smart telephony solution, VoIP infrastructure, and business. There are many other small to big security mechanisms in the core solution and different add-ons that make sure that the ASTPP users get the most reliable and secure smart VoIP solution.

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