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Top 5 Reasons Smart VoIP Should be Part of Business

  • October 15, 2019


As per the available statistics more than 63 million VoIP users are actively using VoIP based communication solutions and 22 million are business users. This data is only from the USA. Now, one can assume how enlarged the network of VoIP users is. This is the reason people have started incorporating smart VoIP solution in their businesses to gain a competitive edge. If your business is not using VoIP yet, then read this article .

 Top 5 reasons to use the smart VoIP and different communication solutions based on it in your business.

1. Cut down cost

Almost all CFOs look for ways to reduce expenses. The smart telephony solution makes sure to provide least cost routing and many other features that help in reducing the cost on telecommunication. Even this kind of VoIP solutions can also be used to assure the fair usage of communication solutions. Other than the cost on communication, the cost on installation and maintenance of the communication solutions can be reduced by acquiring smart VoIP software.

2. A wider array of features

Who doesn’t like to get more into the cost of one? The smart VoIP solution aims to offer unified communication solutions and this is the reason one can get much more than a single VoIP based communication solution. For example, ASTPP is a smart telephony software and smart VoIP solution. It offers features of below-mentioned VoIP solutions to its users:

  • VoIP billing
  • VoIP Softswitch
  • Fax server solution
  • Switch monitoring solution
  • Fraud detection
  • Alarm
  • Account number range
  • MailChimp
  • Custom rates
  • Country report
  • Local numbers
  • Ported numbers
  • Support ticket
  • International credit
  • And more

The smart VoIP solutions such as ASTPP are available in multilingual systems to benefit its users.

3. Robust yet scalable

The smart telephony software developed on top of robust VoIP technologies offers a consolidated platform for communication. Even if complex development technologies get used, it doesn’t add any roadblocks in adding more users to the system or expanding its capabilities. This type of VoIP solution comes with a highly scalable nature.

4. Ease of use

Similar to a majority of VoIP solutions, the smart VoIP solutions come with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) elements. This makes the most complex actions highly simplified. Anyone with intermediate knowledge of computers can use it with ease.

5. Easy to add functionality to get a business-centric solution

Generally, the smart VoIP solutions come with all required features for a business to provide all communication and collaboration aspects. Still, there can be some businesses that need certain features that are missing. In this case, one can get it added with ease. The business can take help from the company that provided the smart telephony system or can use the service of other VoIP experts. In any case, any type of new functionality can be added with ease.

These are the top 5 reasons that make use of the smart VoIP solution in the business benefit. Want to have a demo of the smart telephony software? Contact us.