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Trends and Predictions of SBC Solution – Let’s Explore the Future

  • April 17, 2023

Service providers know that the most significant technology they can rely on daily has to be the SBC solution aka Session Border Controllers. Over the last couple of years, SBCs have evolved from being just a perimeter security element to a central switching element, working on the core of multiple networks in the VoIP industry. This current transition has resulted in various vendor products, which specialize in different zones or areas.

Traditionally, the session border controllers used to play a single role or protect a VoIP network by inspecting each session at the border of the VoIP solution to ensure authorized access to the network.

With changing dynamics and ongoing inventions in this industry, nowadays, the session border controller solutions are versatile network elements, which play a significant role to ensure voice networks. The SBCs can match multiple business needs today and into the future. As businesses are moving forward, it is vital to keep a watch on all the latest technologies revolving around SBC solution. There are several evolutions, which took place in the recent past to empower session border controllers and businesses that use this software whether is a VoIP software development company or a VoIP service provider running a business using a VoIP Softswitch.

The Evolution:

Session Border Controllers are versatile network elements. Their sophistication keeps on growing to date. Thanks to this growth, Session Border Controllers are used for catering to future needs. Therefore, the number of utilities keeps on growing as well.

In the present market, there are different vendor products, which are specializing in a wide range of areas that businesses adopt at different times of their growing cycle. Some of those products are powering IMS core, Enterprise Business SIP Trunking, NGN peering, domestic interconnect, UCaaS offerings, and more.

The Significance of the Evolution:

The changes and growing trends related to session border controller solutions ensure that the average business will find that they have SBCs from 2 to 3 vendors throughout the entire network, serving different cases. 

  • Businesses will likely address internetworking issues while introducing new features or solutions within the network because different products have their own peculiarities.
  • Businesses are known to have various contracts with multiple vendors, which need effort and time to manage.
  • Various people within operational teams need to be well trained to maintain multiple vendor items.
  • Each one of the SBC products has disparate infrastructural needs, which will constrain efforts within infrastructure consolidation.

The top businesses are working in a direction to provide a complete SBC solution that can meet all business needs with single software offered by a single vendor.

Session Border Controller Solutions

The Ongoing Trends:

Ongoing Trends Revolving Around SBC Software

It is vital to check out some of the ongoing trends revolving around SBC software before proceeding further with the next steps. Some of the major trends are listed below for your reference.

Inclination Towards Security:

Right now, privacy and security are two major concerning points among global enterprises and each VoIP development company is well aware of them. With the higher vulnerability of the IP communication channels to cyber threats, more sophisticated SIP attacks are taking place. Therefore, the need to work on advanced security and safety measures keeps on growing.

  • The Session Border Controllers from the experienced SBC developers are used for securing and managing VoIP along with other real time communication sessions
  • SBCs act as a security gateway between the internal network of the enterprise and the public internet.
  • The main goal is to protect against multiple threats, including DoS attacks, unauthorized network access, and toll fraud.
  • The Session Border Controllers provide enterprises with the power to have advanced level control. It further helps in safeguarding revenue and protecting productivity from getting impacted.

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The Growing Demand for BYOD:

After the post pandemic situation, workplace scenes have changed completely. It is more mobile and flexible. Employees can now work from home using any supportive device. There is nothing called geographical boundaries these days. Therefore, multiple companies are adopting the BYOD module. So, the need for SBC software development is on the rise accordingly.

  • The SBC software helps companies to manage their growing SIP traffic by producing the right set of tools.
  • SBCs can further support BYOD by offering management and security for the business using this software and its communications. 
  • The VoIP development company places the SBCs at the border of any network to help inspect and control SIP alongside other protocols using VoIP measures.
  • This step helps to authenticate and authorize the devices before giving them the chance to connect to networks. 
  • It can also encrypt and decrypt communications for secure transmission.
  • SBCs ensure QoS for BYOD devices, leading to higher quality communications.

Focusing More on Customer Experience:

Apart from security, SBC developers deal with intelligent control. It helps businesses to procure high end control over VoIP communication channels. The same step helps in procuring higher customer experience goals. SBCs enable optimal call routing for every network through Intelligent Call Routing.

Concluding Notes:

Even with the proven benefits revolving around SBC software development, some companies are not using SBC solutions for protecting and managing their communication networks. SBCs’ security and interoperability services are indispensable due to growing network threats and complexities in the future. Therefore, following the latest trends to deal with Session Border Controllers has become a necessity these days.

We have safeguarded several VoIP networks and businesses with our best in the industry SBC solution. ASTPP also provide customization of this solution to meet network and business requirements to protect businesses from external attacks and frauds. We are happy to provide a live demo of the software if you’re interested. To book a demo, contact us.