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VoIP Myths Debunked by Experts

  • May 11, 2021

The roots of VoIP telephony were formed back in 1928. Year after year, many changes and innovations were made by pushing the limits and now in 2021, VoIP telephony and VoIP solutions are very popular. All across the globe, millions of people and businesses use VoIP-based solutions for better communication and reliable collaboration.

Still, there are some myths correlated with VoIP. Even if we have the most reliable, scalable, and robust VoIP solutions such as a smart VoIP telephony solution in the market, there are many businesses, still living with traditional VoIP myths. In this article, we are going to share more details on major and most common VoIP myths and with our more than a decade-long experience in the VoIP industry, we are going to debunk these myths.

So let’s begin.

Myth # 1: VoIP has poor call quality

This is the most common and the longest believed myth related to VoIP communication. People think that the VoIP telephony solutions cannot give clarity of voice during the call and it often breaks the voice.


The fact is VoIP solutions can give crystal clear voice quality. Even with 100 Kbps bandwidth of the internet, you can get way better voice quality than traditional PSTN lines. As per the VoIP experts, VoIP solutions can adapt the obtainable bandwidth to provide crystal clear voice quality. Compared to analog lines, SIP lines of VoIP solutions can support twice the voice frequency.

If you are using a smart VoIP solution to conduct a video call, then also, VoIP can provide way better quality with high definition video to make sure the call experience is exceptionally good.

Myth # 2: VoIP solutions do not support existing devices

Many people think this is going to be a loss as those devices will be of no use.


It is not a complete fact or a fact that should stop you from using VoIP solutions.

This is a fact that you cannot use your PSTN phone line to make calls using a VoIP solution, but an even bigger fact is, VoIP eliminates the need of excessive hardware. The VoIP solutions give way more and enhanced communication and collaboration features than your existing analog line-based communication solutions. It does not support your existing telephony devices because it actually does not need those devices. For example, if you are using a faxing machine to send and receive faxes, you replace it with a fax server solution, which is also known as a FoIP solution. This solution does not need you or your team members to use the fax machine as it provides a software solution-based faxing solution. Everything can be handled via computer, laptop, or smartphone. You will not need a heavy fax machine. This will actually provide many benefits.

On the other hand, as mentioned, this myth is not a complete truth along with the wrong interpretation of one of the actual benefits of VoIP solutions. The VoIP solutions can use your existing infrastructure. For example, if your company has internet lines, VoIP solutions can use those lines to provide you with the most powerful communication solution.

Myth # 3: Installation of VoIP solutions is complicated

Many people think that to install a VoIP-based solution, one needs expensive infrastructure and highly skilled telecom engineers. Also, there are some roadblocks, which make the installation of VoIP solutions difficult.


Many years ago, the installation of VoIP solutions was a complicated job because of server infrastructure and many other things. However, now, this is not the case. The VoIP companies offering a VoIP solution can install it remotely. In fact, any VoIP engineer can install a VoIP solution with a few clicks. For example, if you want to use an open source version of ASTPP, in three easy steps, you can install ASTPP. If you want to use a multi tenant IP PBX solution, which is not just an IP PBX solution, but an IP PBX solution with multi tenant support, then also with a few clicks this software can be installed. Of course, still there are some VoIP solutions like A2Billing that are difficult to install. However, a majority of VoIP solutions can be installed with ease.

Myth # 4: VoIP is only for big tech companies

Many small businesses think that VoIP solutions are expensive and only big companies need them.


Among your surprise, let us share that, not only small companies, but even residential users use VoIP-based communication. For example, calls carried out on WhatsApp, Skype, Zoho, etc., get carried out using VoIP technology. In a nutshell, these solutions are for all scaled businesses and even for residential users. Also, the returns are way higher than the expense required to set up a VoIP solution.

Myth # 5: VoIP based communication is not secured

VoIP uses internet protocol to transfer voice, data, etc. As everything is traversed on the internet lines, many people think that VoIP-based communication is not safe.


If we look at the facts, in this whole world, everything is prone to attacks and that is why all networks, including traditional PSTN networks, are unsafe. The VoIP-based network is not an exception here. It is prone to some major SIP attacks.

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One thing of relief is that now, VoIP is at a mature stage and many innovations have been made to keep things streamlined and secured. There are some solutions available that can not only detect suspicious activities, but also take the required steps automatically on an immediate basis to keep the VoIP solution, data, media files, VoIP infrastructure, and everything related to it safe, secure, and protected. For example, ASTPP users get access to the Fraud Detection and Alerts and Notification add-ons for added security.

These are the top 5 myths debunked for you. Need more clarification on anything? Contact us.