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Mobile Number Portability – Everything You Need to Know about

  • May 17, 2021

You must know about mobile number portability, but do you know about its benefits, its use cases, its drawbacks, and other important information related to it? Do you know it can also be used in the VoIP industry with your DID (Direct Inward Numbers)?

In this article, we are going to share information about it in the context of the VoIP industry. Of course, all these facts also apply to the normal PSTN and SIM numbers as well.

What is mobile number portability?

Originally, the concept of this was introduced in 1977 by Singapore. Now in more than a hundred countries, it is supported. In fact, the VoIP industry also supports the same for DID numbers using the smart telephony platform like ASTPP.

Mobile number portability means the flexibility and freedom to switch from one mobile operator or another without losing the phone number.

What is DID number portability?

DID number portability means the user can switch from one carrier to another without losing the original DID number.

What are the key benefits of mobile number portability?

There are many benefits of mobile number portability as well as DID number portability. Let’s explore the key advantages of it:

  • The customer has the freedom to choose and use the service of any carrier-based on preferences.
  • The customer can switch the carrier or mobile operator to make sure he gets the best call rates and other perks from the provider.
  • The customer does not need to go through the hassle of changing the number and informing everyone about the number change.
  • As per the statistic shared by a VoIP telephony expert, in some countries, more than 40% of mobile numbers are ported.
  • This benefits businesses as well along with the customers. The startup businesses get an opportunity to attract customers by launching alluring plans. They can directly compete with already established companies.

What are the drawbacks of mobile number portability?

  • In some cases, the change in carrier actually increases call charges.
  • Customers may find it confusing and bothering to follow the process of number portability.
  • In some cases, a number stays in the not working state for more than 24 hours.
  • The ease of switching between carriers with the help of it introduces nuance in the market.
  • The startups usually break the standard rates to capture a larger audience base, this can reduce the profit margins.

How ASTPP helps to set number portability for DID or mobile numbers?

ASTPP is a smart telephony platform, which is loaded with an amazing range of features and add-ons. Number portability is one of the leading add-ons offered by this leading smart telephony platform. The number portability add-on of ASTPP lets service providers offer the number portability service to their customers. ASTPP supports MNP and GNP file upload support, FTP configuration, call routing for ported numbers, and many other amazing features to make the mobile number portability process seamless.

To know more about the number portability of ASTPP, visit here.