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VoIP Softswitches Offering Advanced Solutions for Telecom Industry

  • April 25, 2022

VoIP technology has been evolving for decades. From the open source community to enterprise service providers contribute to bringing revolution to VoIP technologies and solutions. This is the reason, the voice over IP industry has even #1 open source telephony platforms. One of the most conventional VoIP solutions that have faced major revolutions and got enhanced is the VoIP Softswitches software.

Traditionally, VoIP Softswitches solution providers used to offer hardware based solutions, which were expensive and difficult to manage and maintain. In the past few years, major transformations took place in this industry to enhance all types of VoIP based switches. These transformations have made these solutions one of the most advanced telephony solutions for internet telephony service providers (ITSPs).

VoIP Softswitches for Telecom Industry

1. Highly robust

In 2022, the best VoIP service provider gets access to the most advanced Softswitches billing solutions that are built using robust technologies such as OpenSIPs and FreeSWITCH by the top FreeSWITCH software development companies. These solutions use the most scalable, reliable, and robust technologies. That is why it will perform even if the load is high. It can effectively support failover and recovery. Moreover, if a VoIP service provider uses cloud solutions to host the class 4 Softswitch solution or class 5 Softswitch solution, then load balancing will be even better.

2. Easy management

You can find advanced solutions even if you are using an open source Softswitch platform as the open source switch solution providers offer the #1 open source VoIP solution. These are software based solutions, which makes it easier to manage the software. If you are using cloud retail or wholesale switch solution, then you can manage it even remotely.

3. Advanced features 

The open source and hosted Softswitch providers offer open source switch solutions at affordable rates. These solutions possess advanced features along with an integrated VoIP billing software solution. These VoIP solutions can automate various jobs.

For example, a wholesale Softswitch will come with advanced call routing strategies along with the conventional ones such as hybrid call routing and lossless call distribution.

The class 5 Softswitch solution provides the most advanced communication features like holiday based call distribution, smart IVR solutions, ring group, etc.

The VoIP billing software solution integrated into the open source or enterprise switch will have advanced features like real time billing. This ensures enhanced customer experience and lossless business for the provider.


In a nutshell, the VoIP Softswitch solutions are furnished with advanced features by the solution providers. Moreover, the use of cutting edge technologies in building these types of platforms contributes to enhancing the processes of improving failover and recovery, and load balancing.

The advanced features add enhanced operational efficiency to these solutions, making them advanced as well. The telecom industry can leverage the power of these advanced solutions.

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