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VOS3000 Alternative – ASTPP

Overall ASTPP VOS3000
  • ASTPP is available in the community (Open Source) and enterprise editions. So, the businesses who want to start can start with the community (without investing anything) and when their business grows and requires more features then they can migrate to enterprise edition.
  • VOS300 is only available in the paid edition. So you need to invest before you gain anything from the business.
Overall ASTPP VOS3000
  • The company behind ASTPP is iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • The company behind ASTPP is iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Overall ASTPP VOS3000
Scalable business model
  • ASTPP has N-level reseller support by which you can scale up your business very easily
  • VOS300 doesn’t have a reseller concept.
Overall ASTPP VOS3000
Architect ure and Implemen tations
  • You can get started with ASTPP by using a single server solution, where all elements (core, GUI, and DB) are located in one place. This makes the system easy to manage, and you can get going quickly. Once your voice traffic volume increases, you can easily scale your infrastructure.
  • VOS300 starts with a single server but when your business grows then you cannot scale it up on multiple servers.
Overall ASTPP VOS3000
Technical Support
  • ASTPP was developed in India. All of our technical engineers, support engineers, sales team use the English language. The average response time during working hours is 10–15 minutes. We also offer 24×7 support for emergencies.
  • VOS3000 was developed in China and English-speaking customers often find it challenging to communicate with the Chinese support team.
Overall ASTPP VOS3000
  • ASTPP has an intuitive and user-friendly web interface. The platform is simple and easy to use, and you can learn the configuration basics very quickly. This saves you time and improves the user experience, especially when training new staff.
  • VOS3000 does not have a web management interface, so you can’ t access it from a remote location. In addition, the administration is complicated. Systems are configured with a Windows-based desktop client.
Overall ASTPP VOS3000
  • ASTPP uses Fail2Ban, which protects ASTPP against brute force attacks and suspicious activity. Along with Fail2ban, ASTPP has a Fraud detection module that offers monitoring and blocking of calls based on country and prefixes.
  • Cracked versions of VOS3000 are very popular in the market, and the system is highly vulnerable. Some security holes are well known to VoIP hackers. If you don’t configure the firewall properly, you can be hacked within minutes of opening your system to the public internet.
Overall ASTPP VOS3000
  • Invoicing and Billing can be done very easily in ASTPP with configurations based on your requirements.
  • You cannot generate invoices in VOS3000.
Overall ASTPP VOS3000
Roles & Permissio ns
  • You can set up access permissions for admins, resellers, and customers.
  • VOS3000 does not allow you to limit access
Overall ASTPP VOS3000
  • ASTPP has flexible routing and supports various routing modes.
  • VOS3000 has very limited routing capabilities.
Overall ASTPP VOS3000
Currency Exchange
  • ASTPP is a multi-currency system that supports automatic currency exchange.
  • You can operate with only one currency in VOS3000.
Overall ASTPP VOS3000
  • You can easily offer A-Z termination as well as individual routes.
  • It’s almost impossible to manage A-Z termination due to their bad reporting system.
Overall ASTPP VOS3000
  • Being open-source, you will find developers who can help you to do further enhancements in the system and fulfill the need of your requirement.
  • Being closed source, you need to depend on them or their partners to get the development done.