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Why Class 4 Softswitch Makes VoIP Service More Attractive

  • December 30, 2022

The global telecommunication industry is booming due to a spike in the adoption of IP telephony solutions. It is a billion dollar industry that is breaking all records every passing day. Not only investors and entrepreneurs, but countries are attracted towards this technology. More and more countries are now investing in technology to support IP telephony solutions and encouraging business owners to invest in this industry. There are several VoIP solutions available across the globe. The class 4 Softswitch solution is one of the major systems that make VoIP services more attractive. 

This solution makes VoIP based communication very alluring for service providers, end users, and even the government investing in VoIP communication solutions or infrastructure. While it might be a good idea to evaluate all three types of audiences that are allured with fascinating functionalities and benefits of class 4 Softswitch software, by respecting your time, we will cover the major reasons that make this VoIP Softswitch such popular among VoIP service providers. 

Class 4 Softswitch system at a brief 

What is Class 4 Softswitch System

Before we jump into the details of this switch and its functionality, let’s first briefly explore what this Softswitch solution is. 

A class 4 Softswitch is a central piece in any telecommunication network. It administers all wholesale call traffic and handles the crucial job of managing and distributing this traffic. The major job of this switch is considered wholesale call traffic distribution, which is why it is also known as wholesale Softswitch. However, this is not the only job done by a class 4 Softswitch solution. The modern and smart switch solution can handle multiple other jobs, which makes it more attractive for VoIP service providers. 

Major features supported by class 4 Softswitch software 

As mentioned earlier, the major job considered by the VoIP service providers that can be handled by this VoIP solution is distributing calls to the termination. However, modern class 4 Softswitch solutions perform way more jobs than just international call routing. Following are some of the major features that you can find in this switch: 

  • Wholesales call traffic management 
  • International call routing 
  • MNP, LNP, and fax routing 
  • WLR customer support 
  • Invoicing and billing 
  • Real time switch monitoring 
  • Fraud detection and management 
  • Session border controller 
  • Failover and load balancing 
  • Whitelist 
  • CDR and other reports 

What makes the class 4 Softswitch system based VoIP services so attractive? 

This VoIP Softswitch has several advantages and reasons to offer, which makes it one of the most attractive solutions for VoIP service providers. Wholesale providers and business owners like to invest in building scalable businesses using this software as it makes VoIP services so attractive.

Advantages and Reasons That Makes Class 4 Softswitch System So Attractive 

Quick to start 

Usually, you get a ready to use wholesale Softswitch solution from one of the VoIP Softswitch providers. That does not need you to wait for the development of the software. Moreover, the providers master the art of deploying the software on the cloud or servers and provide the required guidance to get started quickly. Termination and CC providers will also be available as many as one needs to choose from. 

Easy to manage 

This Softswitch solution, similar to other smart telephony solutions, will be web based and easy to manage. The provider does not need to put any additional efforts or resources to manage switch and run a business. Using a GUI based panel the whole VoIP business can be managed by the provider. This ease of management makes it quite an attractive solution for VoIP services. 

Highly secure 

Security has been a primary concern for VoIP businesses. In the case of the wholesale VoIP business, the risk of loss is high as massive traffic and several customers are handled by business owners. Thus, any business that has strong security means implemented is more popular than others. The VoIP Softswitch providers understand this vital fact and that is why they implement the best measures of security. For the stated Softswitch as well, the providers often develop inbuilt security features like encryption, secure call routing, two-way authentication, and more. The advanced providers also offer a session border controller, fraud detection and management, and other mechanisms that make it a highly secured solution and attract more providers to run a business.   

Highly scalable 

Scalability is a must in any business. The VoIP industry is growing dynamically, which needs more scalable solutions. The switch is highly scalable and can be implemented on the cloud to get immediate scalability. The top providers invest in FreeSWITCH development to build a scalable software solution. Scalable solutions can support the growth bandwidth of the business, which makes it alluring for VoIP services. 

Smart business opportunities 

As modern solutions augment various aspects of businesses, it becomes more convenient for businesses to focus on innovative ideas. Simplified management, reduces expenses, and other advantages related to advanced class 4 Softswitch solutions give more space to think about various innovative areas for business expansion. Other than that, the wholesale VoIP business has an international market to play. This lets providers discover profit making, smart opportunities for businesses. This makes this solution and VoIP services based on it more attractive. 

Concluding notes 

The VoIP industry is huge and it has several businesses forking out to benefit end users and even investors. There are several VoIP solutions available in the VoIP industry to provide ample business opportunities to providers and to budding businesses. The best thing is that modern VoIP solutions are not restricted to limited features and functionalities. They have advanced features to back the innovative side of businesses. 

Wholesale VoIP is one of the major and growing businesses in the telephony industry. The smart telephony solutions make them smarter and more alluring for VoIP services. The VoIP service providers can leverage the advantage of having an advanced wholesale VoIP Softswitch solution. This switch will be secure, feature rich, scalable, robust, fast, and reliable. This gives more space to blossom business and creativity. Thus, this switch is more popular and attractive for VoIP services. 

We offer a popular class 4 Softswitch solution that is built with cutting edge technology, smart features, and highly scalable architecture. To know more about this wholesale VoIP Softswitch, contact us.