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Why Do You Need Support for Your ASTPP Softswitch?

  • October 15, 2022

Technical support covers an array of services to help you use your software to the fullest. The technical support, in fact, makes sure you are maximizing ROI (Returns over Investment) by using a VoIP solution. VoIP products, whether it is a simple FoIP solution or a complex class 4 Softswitch solution will demand some sort of technical maintenance and assistance. Even if you have in-house VoIP developers, using technical support from the software provider company matters and benefits more.  

We, ASTPP, have been offering different VoIP solutions as part of our smart telephony platform. Our VoIP Softswitch solution is very much popular and in demand by various businesses. The class 4 Softswitch is available to both community and enterprise users. A majority of these users use our on-demand or contract based technical support services, but some still wonder whether it is worth the investment or not.  

Here are the top 3 reasons that prove that you need support for your ASTPP Softswitch despite the fact that you are using an enterprise or open source class 4 Softswitch. 

(1) Software maintenance 

The first reason to use regular support is to keep software in a well-maintained state. This will reduce runtime errors, bugs, loss of data, etc. This can happen to any class 4 Softswitch solution or any other VoIP software. Regular maintenance will include software upgrades, timely backups, running software health checks, and more. As the ASTPP team knows this Softswitch better because they have developed it, the time required to maintain the switch and efficiency in maintenance would be way too high than your in-house team operations. This will help you use your technical team in other productive tasks.

(2) Scalability 

The wholesale VoIP business is one of the most rapidly growing businesses. A class 4 Softswitch handles thousands of concurrent calls. Scaling up this software to handle more calls means scaling up the capacity of the software with the right configurations to support future call volume and other aspects more proficiently. ASTPP team holds a complete understanding of not only this switch, but also of the architecture required to support a scaled up system. This can help you simplify the ASTPP Softswitch scale up process and make it more efficient. 

(3) Handling of other technical aspects

Other than regular maintenance and high scalability of the software, you may also want to add some technical features to your open source class 4 Softswitch. The technical support team of ASTPP will help you build any feature that you want. The team can also effectively provide you with integration and other services to build a more consolidated infrastructure to run your wholesale VoIP business successfully. 

Concluding notes 

Even if your team holds technical knowledge of using a VoIP Softswitch solution, taking advantage of technical support from experts can help you reduce complexity and increase efficiency. If you are using the class 4 Softswitch solution of ASTPP, you will need ASTPP support to maintain the good health of your business and switch. Let us help you share further details about the advantages of this support service in a personal call. Contact us to schedule a call.