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7 Major Reasons to Migrate from IPSmarx to ASTPP

  • September 24, 2018

As soon as the news of demise of IPSmarx revealed in the market, its customers are anxiously finding a reliable solution. If you are one of as such customers who are looking for a reliable solution, then fret not and adopt ASTPP.

ASTPP is a powerful solution that can take care of your retail and wholesale business and migrating to ASTPP is very easy. The foremost reason to migrate from IPSMarx to ASTPP is that it is not in service any more.

Top 7 reasons that prove why ASTPP is the best choice for your business.

1. Supports your present and future business goals

ASTPP is a powerful platform that comes with all required features and functionality to support your current business. Moreover, it is a very scalable solution that comes with unlimited licensing. This will let you grow your business without getting worried about anything as it is future ready.

The ASTPP solution is developed on top of the most reliable VoIP platform, FreeSWITCH. Thus, it can support a large volume of concurrent calls and calls per second. Also, it assures to maintain the highest call quality. Moreover, you can create clusters to keep uptime up to 99.99%.

It has a separate reseller module with all required features. This will help you to meet your growth goals by increasing your affiliates and resellers.

In a nutshell, it is a highly robust solution to take care of your business now and then.

2. All-in-one Solution

Fundamentally, it is an automated billing solution, but it gives all features one need to run wholesale and retail VoIP business. Furthermore, it supports postpaid, prepaid and calling card business models to give all-in-one solution to the business owners.

A single solution comes with all required features of

  • Class 4 softswitch solution
  • Class 5 softswitch solution
  • Calling Card Solution
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Powerful call routing
  • Call rating

It means a single system to take care of your complete business. Moreover, if you want to start any other type of business, then also this solution will provide the required features to run your business seamlessly. For example, if you are providing wholesale VoIP service at the moment and want to start a retail VoIP service business. You don’t need to look out for another solution. The ASTPP is enough to let you grow in all directions.

3. No Vendor Lock-in

The ASTPP is an open source solution. It is the most mature and stable open source solution and has a huge community of active members. The people who are in a clueless position because of the demise of IPSMarx may love this benefit of ASTPP along with many other. The adoption of ASTPP will assure that you would never get into this type of situation ever again.

Please be noted that no dependency on vendor is just one out of the many benefits of the ASTPP. You might be interested in exploring 10 Major Benefits of ASTPP Solution.

4. Absolutely User Friendly

The ASTPP is popular because of its clear and simple user interface. All different user panels such as, Admin, Reseller, Customer, are built with GUI features. The solution allows taking all simple to complex actions via this user friendly panel. Even changing brand elements or restarting services can be done via a GUI based panel. Also, these are the web applications, so you can use and control it remotely without any limitations of device, time or location.

5. Highly Secured

The VoIP business is prone to various attacks which can be extremely vicious. The ASTPP is provisioned with some high level security features such as, defining maximum allowed length of the call as well as real time alerts and notifications. These features and many upcoming features such as, real time billing make it the most secure open source billing solution.

6. Easy to Customize

The ASTPP has all features one would need to run its VoIP business. However, each business has its unique need and ASTPP is flexible enough to fulfill all your needs. It is a very flexible solution and you have complete access to the code. Thus, you can make all customization to make it a tailored solution that can meet your needs.

As ASTPP has been in the market for many years, there are already some ready to use paid modules that you can use to add additional functionality or you can develop custom modules and integrate it to boost its capacity.

7. Cost Effective

As mentioned in the earlier point, the ASTPP is an open source billing solution. It is absolutely free to download, install and use. It gives lifetime free license for unlimited use of the system. You can take paid services to migrate from IPSMarx to ASTPP or to customize it as per your business model. The main thing is even the paid support is very cost effective as you have a lot of options to choose from for your need. The ASTPP offers all benefits of an open source solution and cost effectiveness is one of the major benefits.

End Note

There are many reasons to migrate to ASTPP and the process of migration is absolutely seamless. We have helped customers of legacy systems to migrate to this powerful solution and they are really happy now. Contact us to have a discussion and see how this solution and we can help you in the process of getting the most reliable, secure, scalable and robust alternative of IPSmarx.