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Why ASTPP Is The Best Solution for Wholesale and Retail Service Providers?

  • September 26, 2018


ASTPP is an open source billing solution and it can be used by both, wholesale and retail service providers. This solution is perfect for all different business models and suitable for any sized service provider.

6 Major Reasons That Make It Perfect For All Types Of VoIP Business models.

1. Free to use

ASTPP is absolutely free to use forever. It gives unlimited usage and access of this open source software and benefits you with all major pros of an open source solution, including, free usage. You can white label the software to add your branding elements. You will get access of the code and you can make any types of customization in the existing code to tailor it as per your business needs. If you use professional ASTPP Support services to install or customize the system, then also you will get services at competitive rates.

2. One solution for all business models

The ASTPP is developed to keep all different types of business models in mind, including, but not limited to

Also, it has provisioning of calling card, postpaid and prepaid billing. The ASTPP supports multiple vendor and customer models. Moreover, it supports multiple currencies and you can also add your currency if you can’t find it in the already listed currency list. The ASTPP is a multilingual billing system and available in 4 different languages. You can use it in your preferred language.

3. Eliminates need for additional solutions

Fundamentally ASTPP is a billing system, but it is provisioned with many other advanced features to make it a perfect solution for the VoIP service providers. It gives you all required features to manage your complete wholesale and / or retail VoIP business without the need of any additional solution such as,

  • Class 4 softswitch
  • Class 5 softswitch
  • And more

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4. Provisioned with advanced features

The ASTPP is provisioned with simple to advanced features required for call routing, call rating, invoicing, billing and other related operations for retail and wholesale business. It supports management of different types of users, DIDs, Gateways, SIP Devices, Carriers, Rates, Taxation, etc.

Explore all features in the free demo available here: ASTPP Demo

5. Highly Secure

The VoIP business deals with various threats of attacks and misuse. The ASTPP: FreeSWITCH Billing Solution is provisioned with advanced features to monitor the usage for possible security breaches. It provides real-time notifications and alerts, in case of suspicious activities. It also takes some automated actions in real-time to safeguard your business from these attacks. For example, you can define maxim allowed call length. You can also take benefit of the FreeSWITCH Monitoring Add-on, which is a paid tool to monitor the system and different aspects to increase security of your business.

6. Simplified Customization

ASTPP is very user friendly. Almost all activities, including white labeling the system, can be done via a GUI based panel. You need to touch the code only in case you want to add additional functionality which is not already developed. As ASTPP is open source billing software, it gives you access to its code. You can use your internal team to make customization. You can also use ready to buy ASTPP Add-on or buy professional ASTPP support services at competitive rates.


The ASTPP supports all business models and provide all features that make management of the VoIP business easier. Moreover, it is easy to use, cost effective and bestows many other benefits including automating invoicing and billing. This will work as a major contributor in your business growth and no looking back. Contact us to know more about this solution and its benefits for your business. We will be happy to answer all your queries and providing a complete demo of the system.