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FreeSWITCH Billing Solution: Top 10 Key Benefits of ASTPP

  • September 19, 2018


ASTPP is a popular open source solution. It is a VoIP billing software that can be used by the wholesale and retail service providers to offer prepaid, postpaid and calling card services to their customers worldwide. The platform is developed on top of FreeSWITCH, which is the most feature-rich VoIP platform. ASTPP receives more than 250 downloads every month which is a big number that proves its popularity as a powerful billing solution. If you are looking for a reliable VoIP billing software to start a new business or to switch from your legacy system, then this ASTPP is the best choice.

Top 10 Key benefits of using ASTPP Freeswitch Billing Solution

All Benefits of Open Source Freeswitch Billing Solution

ASTPP is an open source solution. Thus, it bestows all benefits one can get by using an open source solution such as, free usage, unlimited licensing, etc.

Attractive and Easy to Use Solution

The ASTPP has 3 different windows for 3 different types of users:

  1. Admin
  2. Reseller
  3. End Users

All these 3 types of users get an easy to use panel with GUI based features to take care of all simple to advanced features. The solution is developed in a way that one may need minimum to no technical knowledge to use this solution. Even complex tasks such as, applying brand elements to make the solution white label can be done from the GUI panel. It will be rare that one need to touch the code.

All Simple to Advanced Features

The ASTPP Freeswitch solution is a VoIP billing solution, but it is provisioned with many more features. In fact, it eliminates need of the VoIP softswitch. It means you will have a single solution to take care of your VoIP business and billing. As you can sense it will make operations, management and maintenance simpler and cost effective. Moreover, it supports multiple languages and currencies to make your work seamless. The invoicing is an automated process along with the reminders for the invoice due date.

Explore ASTPP Features.

Quality of Service

The ASTPP is popular for the quality of service it delivers to its users and customers. It can handle multiple concurrent calls without affecting its quality. Also, it can handle complex billing plan, rate card and packages. You can manage postpaid, prepaid and free packages along with different types of fees and taxes via this platform. Moreover, it supports multiple currencies to make invoicing swift. The invoices are highly accurate and efficient.

Ideal for both, Retail and Wholesale Business

This platform is developed to benefit both, retail and wholesale businesses. Thus, it is furnished with required features for both types of businesses. You can manage DIDs, resellers, rate cards, calling cards, trunks, VoIP minutes, so on and so forth from this platform in its main version which is available for free. Also, this is a scalable solution so you can grow your business without worrying about the capacity. Moreover, the community members are constantly working to increase its capacity even further to meet future needs of its users.

Advanced Reseller module with Assured Business Benefits

Any reseller needs an independent platform to run its business without any threat of losing his own customers to the main providers. The ASTPP is developed by keeping interest of resellers in mind. It gives a white label solution with all required features to run his / her independent VoIP business. The customers of the reseller will never expose to the main vendor and the vendor of the reseller will not be exposed to the customers of the reseller. The reseller will be billed for the overall usage by the main vendor aka service provider. On the other hand, the ASTPP will take care of invoicing and billing of the customers of the reseller. This way the reseller can get assured business benefits. At the same time, admin aka main service provider will not need to worry about the intricacies of customer management or billing at the reseller’s end.

Highly Reliable Solution

The ASTPP: FreeSWITCH billing software offers a large volume of Calls per Second (CPS) and Concurrent Calls (CC). Furthermore, it is provisioned with some advanced features to refresh / restart services to deal with certain performance barriers. You can also configure load balancing and failover system to assure if your server or system goes down for any reason your service are not hampered. The clustering is also possible to assure that your system faces a minimum to no downtime.

Highly Secure Solution

Toll frauds and hack attacks are common in VoIP business and these types of malicious attacks can be very dangerous for the business. The ASTPP is built to deal with these attacks automatically with some simple configurations. The system will generate automated alerts and notifications to Admin(s) as and when it comes across some suspicious activities. Moreover, you can also set the maximum allowed call length so you can avoid possible attacks as an advanced step. At the moment, the ASTPP leaders have also launched “Real Time Billing” in experimental mode in benefit of the service providers to remove the concerns of negative balance and call beyond the allowed budget. In a nutshell, this is the most secured billing software in the market.

Proactive and Supportive Community

ASTPP open source community is increasing daily by welcoming new members. At the moment, in 2018, it has 650+ members. There are many active community members along with the maintainers (iNextrix) that keep on contributing in the community with advanced features and modules. The community members are very supportive and help in real time to the people seeking for some help. The community leaders and maintainers also go live once in a week to respond to the queries of the people. In a nutshell, you can get instant support and the ASTPP is going to stay for longer because of its hyperactive community.

Cost Effective Paid Services

We offer professional services such as,

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Support
  • Paid Add-ons

As this is an open source solution, you will get these services at cost effective rates without any vendor dependency.


These are 10 major pros of ASTPP: VoIP Billing Solution. More and more companies are switching from the legacy solution to this open source solution. In fact, the companies those were switched / are switching from proprietary billing software to this VoIP billing platform because of its wide array of features, cost effectiveness and other benefits.

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