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Major Advantages of IP PBX Solution for Startups

  • June 22, 2021

IP PBX solution is one of the general purpose VoIP solutions. It means regardless of the fact a business or user is aware of the technicalities of VoIP or not, they can use general purpose solutions. The IP PBX solution is a feature rich business communication and collaboration solution. There are many businesses that use this solution already to have a consolidated and feature rich communication and collaboration system in place. 

Along with large scale businesses, enterprises, and multinational companies (MNCs), small and medium scaled businesses (SMBs) and startups can also use this software to leverage multiple benefits. Often, startup companies are hesitant in investing in tools like an IP PBX solution, but the fact is investing in this kind of tool can help them improve growth rate and leverage many more benefits.

Let us share the top 3 benefits any startup can leverage by using an IP PBX software solution.

1. It reduces the cost of communication

The IP PBX solution uses SIP calling to conduct calls. The SIP based calling charges are way cheaper than PRI line based calling. PRI is a traditional way of conducting calls. Moreover, there are calling packages such as least cost routing available to reduce call rates even more. This makes sure startups save significantly on business communication. Even international calls are cheaper.

2. It projects a bigger image of the company

As mentioned earlier, it offers way more features than a traditional option for business communication. These features help startups project a bigger image as well as a more professional brand image to the callers. For example, IVR, music on hold, call forwarding, call recording, audio prompts, voicemail, and many other features available in the IP PBX solution make sure that a bigger brand image of the company can be represented.

3. It assures no important leads are missed

One of the most important tasks in a startup company is grabbing all leads. New business in a startup is as important as retaining existing customers. Therefore, it is very much necessary that a startup can make sure all leads are attended and not missed. The IP PBX software makes this job easier and automated with its amazing features. For example, it has a holiday based call routing feature, which plays a voice message if a lead calls on a holiday or during off hours. The right prompts will make sure that the lead either calls back or leave a voicemail. It also has a call forwarding feature, which means all the important sales calls get forwarded to the sales executive even if he is not at the office or if it is a holiday. It makes sure not a single lead is missed.

In a nutshell, an IP PBX solution can benefit a startup company in multiple ways. ASTPP has various VoIP solutions to offer and the IP PBX software is one of the solutions available in this software. There are multiple benefits of using it in any scaled business. Contact us to know more about the IP PBX solution and ASTPP and how it can benefit your startup.