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Top Reasons to Use ASTPP Managed Services

  • June 28, 2021

It is no longer a secret that ASTPP is a powerful smart telephony platform that empowers various businesses across the globe. It is also not a secret that the enterprise version of ASTPP provides access to way more features, functionalities, add-ons, and ultimately VoIP solutions. 

The ASTPP enterprise solution is a perfect platform for any VoIP business or ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) that is interested in running a full-fledged or an omnichannel VoIP business and for those entrepreneurs that want to grow business and revenues rapidly.

The ASTPP enterprise solution can be accessed via two different models:

  1. ASTPP managed services and 
  2. ASTPP self hosting model

Let us share why you must use ASTPP managed services.

What is ASTPP managed services model?

Before we explore more on the reasons of using ASTPP managed services, let’s understand what ASTPP managed service is.

It gives access to the enterprise, and community add-ons and features of ASTPP similar to ASTPP self hosting versions. In addition to that, ASTPP managed service model gives free access to the expert support service from an official team of ASTPP experts.

Why should you use ASTPP managed services?

There are multiple reasons to use ASTPP managed service and we will share the top 3 out of all.

1. Experts setup the smart platform for you

The first and foremost benefit of using the ASTPP managed service is that the team of ASTPP experts will not only guide you to choose the right hardware for excellent performance, but the team will also install the solution for you. The developers who have developed this smart telephony platform know how to get the maximum performance and how to take advantage of its scalable, robust, and secure nature. The installation process will be seamless, smooth, and effective. It will give a perfect plot to run a successful business.

2. Software upgradation and support are available for free

The ASTPP managed service offers a completely free support service to its users. This support includes fixing minor bugs and upgrading the software to the latest version. This will make sure your company will always have access to the most advanced smart VoIP telephony platform. ASTPP keeps on releasing different versions with feature enhancements and new add-ons or features. ASTPP experts will handle the upgradation, allowing you to get access to all these without any hassle.

3. Save money and other resources

You can be rest assured that you will not need to put any technical resources in addition to handling this software since you do not need to handle any type of technicalities. Also, you will not need to pay for paid support as it is available for free. This will save money and other resources.

These are the top reasons and benefits of using ASTPP managed services. ASTPP experts will handle all technical aspects, so you can simply focus on your business.

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