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How ASTPP Add-ons Resolve Major Roadblocks?

  • July 9, 2019

ASTPP has been catering to the VoIP industry for almost 16 long years. It was invented as an Asterisk-based Postpaid Billing system, but now, it is A Smart TelePhony Platform. The latest version of the ASTPP is ASTPP 4.0. This new version of the ASTPP has brought many changes in this open source VoIP solution. One of the major changes brought in this new version of ASTPP is introduced to ASTPP Add-ons.

Now the ASTPP solution has two parts.

  1. ASTPP Core
  2. ASTPP Add-ons

Both of these segments of the ASTPP: A Smart TelePhony Platform work independently yet collaboratively. The introduction of these add-ons has resolved many roadblocks and concerns of the ASTPP. Let’s understand some of them.

Add more functional capabilities in the ASTPP 4.0

The ASTPP was an open source VoIP billing software and now it is an open source smart telephony solution. The concept of the smart telephony system is heavily supported by the concept of add-ons. Now, the ASTPP users can develop new functionalities and attach them with this open source VoIP solution. We have newly developed this functionality in the form of an add-on, and you can integrate it with the ASTPP main code. This helps in adding as much new functionality as one wants to have. For example, the ASTPP team offers premium add-ons such as multi-tenant IP PBX, Fax over internet protocol aka FoIP solution, etc. to its ASTPP Enterprise Version. As you can assume the ASTPP add-ons actually make it a unified solution to cater to any business vertical.

Now the new version release of ASTPP 4.0 will not affect the add-ons

ASTPP is an open source solution and a proactive community keeps on making changes in it. Thus, the functionality enhancements, bug fixing, new module development, UI and UX changes, etc. result in the new version release. According to the official maintainers of the ASTPP, every time they release a new version, even a small one, ASTPP users encounter challenges with the updated version and the developed systems.

In a majority of cases, they need to invest a significant amount of time in redeveloping or reengineering the newly developed module with the newer version of the ASTPP. The ASTPP 4.0 aimed to resolve almost all challenges, and the ASTPP add-ons removed one of the biggest roadblocks. The ASTPP core and ASTPP add-ons will work independently. That is why the version release and update will only upgrade ASTPP core and will not affect the add-ons. This saves money and time altogether.

These are the major benefits of the ASTPP add-ons and this is how the add-ons will resolve two major roadblocks. The ASTPP 4.0 has brought a revolution in the VoIP industry and the open source VoIP solution is going to bring many amazing changes in the world. Stay tuned to stay posted!