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Top 4 Reasons to Use ASTPP Enterprise Version

  • July 1, 2019

With the launch of the ASTPP 4.0 version, the enterprise version of ASTPP is also launched. To the ASTPP users, now there are two categories of ASTPP to choose from:

  1. ASTPP Community Version and
  2. ASTPP Enterprise Version

We all are aware of the benefits of the ASTPP community version. However, many of you are still puzzled about the benefits of the ASTPP enterprise version. The buzzing question in the ASTPP world is why to use this enterprise version. To answer this buzzing question, we have jotted down this post.

 Top 4 Reasons to Use ASTPP Enterprise Version:-

1. Complete Migration by the ASTPP Experts

There are many people that are using ASTPP 1.7 or later versions of the ASTPP and not yet upgraded themselves to the most promising version ASTPP 4.0. As we have announced earlier, the ASTPP 4.0 has transformed the whole system and made it A Smart TelePhony Platform. Thus, if you are not using the latest version of ASTPP, you are actually missing something major. When you purchase the ASTPP enterprise version, the official team of ASTPP takes on the job of migrating your system to this smart telephony platform without any hiccups.

2. Amazing Enterprise Add-ons

ASTPP 4.0 has introduced the concept of add-ons. Now, even if the core of the ASTPP changes, the other functionalities will not be affected. The ASTPP enterprise version has more add-ons compared to the community version. These add-ons make this smart telephony platform, even smarter.

3. Unlimited Support

When you opt for an enterprise version of ASTPP 4.0, you get all professional services from the official team. You will not only get the personalized installation, setup, configuration, and migration services, you will also get unlimited support for 1 year from the ASTPP experts. For a year, you can raise a support ticket and get support within a minimum possible time.

4. Contribute to the Development of ASTPP Team

The ASTPP is growing and competing with bigger brands. Thus, it has to go through constant development to grow. The ASTPP version 4 is out and soon many new features will be launched. Yes, you can expect many updates as our team is working on making it the number 1 telephony solution. For this, we need funds and the funds collected from the ASTPP enterprise version will be used in the growth and development of ASTPP itself. The improvisation in ASTPP will benefit your business and many others.

These are the top 4 reasons to invest in ASTPP enterprise version. As you can see it lets you leverage premium services and contribute towards the community which is helping you run your business.

For any queries or concerns and to get more details about the ASTPP enterprise version, please contact us.