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ASTPP 4.0: A One Stop VoIP Solution for Telcos

  • July 16, 2019

VoIP industry is big and not limited to a single type of business model. From carriers to DID providers to business PBX service provider; everyone together makes the VoIP world. A matter of fact, each type of business needs a VoIP solution with features to support the basic operations of the company along with an integrated billing system. The problem here is, each type of VoIP business has its own set of VoIP solution. It means the VoIP solution used by a wholesale carrier or the VoIP termination service provider is different that the business IP PBX service provider. Also, in a majority of systems, the billing system is very basic. Thus, the staff needs to make manual calculations for different types of billing.

It is fine for a business that is going to cater to only one business sector with only one type of service. However, this is a completely false scenario. The only goal of each business owner is “EXPANSION”. Even if the business owners start with a single type of service, everyone needs to add more business services to keep customers intact and increase revenues and growth.

Till date, there wasn’t any really complete VoIP solution available in the market which can have all advanced features in it to provide an all in one solution to the businesses. On the other hand, thinking to develop an all in one solution would be a crazy thought as it needs a lot of investment.

Well, there wasn’t any solution till date for the VoIP business owners who dreamt to be big Telco companies. Yes, there wasn’t. However, now, there is an all in one VoIP solution available and it is


The ASTPP 4.0 has modules to support all different types of VoIP businesses and mind it, all of them are full fledged modules with all advanced features one needs to run a business with a specific VoIP service. With ASTPP 4.0, one can run any or all below mentioned businesses:

  • Wholesale VoIP service
  • IP PBX service
  • SIP Trunking service
  • DID service
  • Fax over IP (FoIP) service
  • Mobile SIP Dialer service
  • Calling card service

Furthermore, a comprehensive VoIP billing system is integrated into it so any type of billing process can be taken care of with minimum human intervention.

You must be thinking that the ASTPP must be an expensive VoIP solution as it is an all in one solution for Telcos. The answer is NO. The ASTPP is absolutely free. Yes, you read it correctly. ASTPP is an open source VoIP solution and it comes with a lifetime free license. It keeps getting advancement to support its users. The open source community also has an enterprise version which is paid and has more things to offer still it is way cheaper than you might be imagining its cost.

To know more about ASTPP and its enterprise version, contact us or join the community.