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ASTPP Custom Rates Module Boosts VoIP Businesses Strategically

  • December 24, 2019

ASTPP 4 is a leading smart VoIP solution. It has come up with impressive functional capabilities. Some of the features, solutions, and functions are part of its core system. For example, class 4 Softswitch and VoIP billing solutions are available in the core system of ASTPP 4. On the other hand, additional features and VoIP software are made available as add-ons. It means open source and enterprise add-ons provide value-added functions and VoIP software. In this article, we will talk about one of the enterprise add-ons which benefit VoIP businesses to run strategic business, namely, Custom Rates.

What is the custom rates add-on?

It allows admin and resellers to create ‘custom rates’. This ‘custom rates’ can be mapped to any customer or a group of customers. Once the custom rates are assigned, that customer will get charged according to the custom rates regardless of the fact to which package he or she has opted for or what charges are allotted to him or her when subscribed initially. It means once custom rates are assigned to the customers, then all other charges and packages will be overridden.

How does custom rates add-on help to boost VoIP businesses strategically?

You might be wondering, if there are already defined packages which are assigned to the customer, then why would someone want to use the Custom Rates? How would ‘Customer Rates” boost VoIP business? Read on to know the answers to these questions.

Each customer is not the same. Thus, it is not necessary to charge all of them the same way. Does it mean each customer should be charged differently? No, not at all! That would create hiccups in the business models. You have to create predefined packages and charge the same to your customers. However, there comes some situations in which a VoIP business owner needs to charge customers differently and there ‘Custom Rates’ becomes really helpful. Let me share a few examples to understand the same.

If you come across a customer that is interested in your services and can give you a big account. However, he is not really ready to take a risk until he/she is sure about the quality of your service or product offerings. In this case, a VoIP business owner can create a “Custom Rates” package. This prospective premium customer can use your services for a trial period at less rates to taste the quality of offerings.

Another example of using ‘Custom Rates’ is when the VoIP business owner gets a big customer that can pay more for premium services such as one hour resolution. It means any support ticket of that customer gets resolved within an hour. To provide such premium services, the customer needs to be charged additionally. In this case, the ‘Custom Rates’ can be created and mapped to this customer and all other customers similar to this.

This add-on can be used by both admin and reseller. It means both of them can get benefited from automated custom rates and billing.

ASTPP 4 has many amazing features and add-ons to offer. Contact us to know more.