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How to Get Maximum Benefits from ASTPP?

  • December 17, 2019


ASTPP 4 is one of the most powerful VoIP solutions and the only smart telephony software that is furnished with an amazing range of VoIP software solutions. It means a single software offers all required features to run different VoIP telephony businesses. There are already many companies that are leveraging the benefits of this powerful smart VoIP solution. In this article,

The top 3 approaches you can follow to get the maximum benefits from this powerful platform.

1. Use the Self Hosting Model

ASTPP 4 offers free smart VoIP solution that can be accessed without any investment. One also gets access to the code so he/she can make required changes. The open source version of ASTPP often attracts more than its enterprise version. However, it is necessary for you to know that the ASTPP enterprise version is even more powerful because it gives access to all features and add-ons. From class 4 Softswitch solution to multi tenant IP PBX and many other VoIP systems, one can access by purchasing an enterprise version of ASTPP 4.

If you want to save money or have budget constraints, go for the ASTPP Self Hosting model. It is available at affordable rates and it offers access to a complete offering of the ASTPP 4 for a lifetime. You can also gain benefits of the paid support service, called, “Success Pack” based on the requirements.

2. Don’t forget to take benefit of premium solutions

As mentioned earlier, ASTPP 4 offers different in-demand VoIP software within the core system or as add-ons. Furthermore, it offers premium solutions which are SIP Softphone. ASTPP offers both types of SIP Softphone solutions:

  1. Mobile SIP Dialer and
  2. PC Dialer

Based on your needs and business model, you must get any one or both of them. Both, mobile SIP dialer and PC dialer are in demand and they can be useful to benefit your staff and business or you can use them to provide some additional services.

3. Make sure to automate billing

ASTPP has been offering the most advanced billing system to its users. With the launch of ASTPP 4, it has also launched even more powerful VoIP billing software. There are some amazing modules to help businesses define different packages. The system will bill the user based on the subscribed package and usage of the system. The admin and/or reseller can also add some additional charges or apply discounts based on the need. For example, custom rates can be used to charge the customer with a special package defined for that type of customer group. This VoIP billing solution will automatically send an invoice and will also let users pay the bill via a preferred payment gateway.

These are the top 3 facets of ASTPP 4 that you must keep in mind and have access to receive intended benefits. There are many more ways of using this smart VoIP solution in your favor. Feel free to contact us to know more about this solution in regard to your business.