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Top 3 Services Delivered by ASTPP Team to ASTPP Enterprise Users

  • July 30, 2019

The release of ASTPP 4.0 also brought the release of ASTPP enterprise version. The ASTPP enterprise version is the premium version which is paid and it comes with an amazing range of benefits of its users. The funds collected with the sales of the ASTPP enterprise version users are getting used in the research and development of this smart telephony platform: ASTPP.

To attract more enterprise users, the ASTPP official team offers amazing benefits to them. One of the known benefits to the enterprise version users of this open source smart telephony solution is the additional range of add-ons. Furthermore, the official teams of ASTPP support engineers and developers stay at the disposal of the enterprise version users. There are some services that are only available to the ASTPP enterprise version users and those services are catered to the customers by the ASTPP experts.

Here are the top 3 services that are offered by the ASTPP experts to the ASTPP enterprise version users:

1. Migration to ASTPP 4.0

This open source VoIP solution is kept easy to install, use and configure as it was earlier. Still, the migration of a whole business to a new environment needs expertise. You can take benefit from the expertise of ASTPP developers that have developed this system. They will transfer your existing system from the earlier version of ASTPP to ASTPP 4.0 without any loss of data or productivity.

2. Unlimited support

The ASTPP support team puts a customer relationship manager for the ASTPP enterprise version users. Thus manager can be approached any time to get a resolution of any query or to get any bug or roadblock resolved. The ASTPP team provides unlimited support for 1 year from the purchase date to the customers that have purchased the enterprise version. It means within a one year of the span, at any moment, if you find any difficulty or issue with your ASTPP solution, all you need to do is raise a support ticket. The support engineers will work to resolve your issues. At the same time, the customer relationship manager will make sure to be on top of it so your problems get resolved quickly.

3. Premium services

As mentioned earlier, the ASTPP community developed an extensive range of add-ons for the ASTPP enterprise version users. They are further developing some more useful add-ons for the enterprise version users. The enterprise users of this open source smart telephony solution can take benefit of both, community and enterprise add-ons. Moreover, all premium services such as training, installation, migration and more are available only to the ASTPP premium users. Of course, the community version users can ask their queries and concerns related to installation, migration, etc, in the Google support group of the ASTPP community. However, ASTPP is no longer offering any paid support or installation services. These and all other services are only available to the ASTPP enterprise version users.

These are the top 3 services that can help a business owner to take full advantage of this powerful smart telephony software. Want to know more benefits of using an enterprise version? Contact us.