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Top 3 Benefits of a Using a Multilingual Solution

  • July 23, 2019

Supporting a website, application or software in more than one language is not really a trend even if it is a necessity. Maybe because people are not really aware of the top benefits of having a multilingual solution, but worry not. After reading this article, you will realize the benefits of the multilingual solution.

1. Communicate more effectively

Even if business professionals learn English as English is the most used business language across the world, people still feel comfortable reading their native language. In fact, each language has some proverbs, examples, and expressions, which are not possible to convey in any other language. Thus, representing a solution in the native speaking language can help you convey the bottom line even more clearly. This is really important in businesses like wholesale VoIP or retail VoIP and similar kind, where it is very important for a user to understand the agreements, terms and condition and other documents related to the business. Moreover, the labels of the software need to be easily understandable so they can make complete use of the software. And all these can be done more effectively if the information is given in the native language of the user or reseller.

2. Increase sales

Even if English is considered as a business language in the world, many people in non-native English speaking countries struggle with the language barrier. As per the survey made by the Common Sense Advisory, 75% of consumers prefer to buy from the website that is in their native language and this applies to the usage of the solution as well. It means even if they know English, if you represent a website or software in their native language, you are more likely to gain their trust and loyalty. This results in increased sales. Also, you can increase your reach to the non-English speakers by introducing a multilingual system.

3. Improve customer satisfaction

If statistics are believed, more than 90% of consumers stated that they like to have informMuation in their native language. By having your website or software in multiple languages, you can spread more happiness in your customers. And, as we all know, happy customers are loyal customers. You can enjoy benefits related to happy customers for long terms.

We, at ASTPP, understand how crucial it is to cater to the customers in their own language. ASTPP is a smart telephony platform and it is used in many territories by thousands of businesses. Many businesses cater to customers in different regions in different countries. To help them pave their ways above and beyond geographical territories, we have introduced language add-ons. ASTPP, itself, is in English and now it supports 5 more languages. To use any one or more language to make this smart telephony solution multilingual, you just need to install the relevant add-on from the library. That’s it! The language add-ons are available to everyone.

Enjoy the benefits of having a multilingual smart telephony solution. If you face any problem, we are here to help.